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Pokemon TCG New Set Revealed – Fusion Strike!

As we eagerly await the release of the Pokemon 25th Anniversary set, the Pokemon Company has decided to treat fans further by officially revealing the next exciting booster set in the Pokemon TCG – Fusion Strike.

Pokemon TCG Fusion Strike

Pokemon TCG Fusion Strike will release on November 12th, just in time for the holidays, and will contain over 200 cards. Included in this set will be 20 Pokemon V cards and 8 Pokemon VMAX cards. 13 of these cards will be full arts and will also include over 20 Trainer and 7 full-art Supporter cards. 

This set will be made up from the Pokemon Fusion Arts set releasing in Japan on September 24th and will introduce the new Fusion Strike Style. Going from what we know of the Fusion Arts set, Fusion Strike will have a focus on mew, with Mew V and Mew VMAX making an appearance. 

Pokemon TCG Fusion Strike

Battle Styles introduced the Battle Style mechanic, with Single Strike and Rapid Strike Pokemon entering the game. The new Fusion Strike Pokemon will work alongside both of these. It is also believed that this set will include V-UNION cards within a numbered set.

Although the card list for Fusion Strike is yet to be revealed, by taking a look at the cards included in the Japanese Fusion Arts set, we expect to see cards such as – Clamperl, Dragapult,Toxtricity, Gorebyss, Oricorio, Huntail, Toxel, Dreepy, Drakloak, Meloetta and Smeargle. We also expect to see Elesa’s Sparkle, Fusion Energy and a trainer card including Chili, Cilian, and Cress.

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