Pokemon TCG – Our favourite Christmas cards

Pokemon cards christmas

The holiday season has sprung up faster than a Spoink on its quest for food. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best festive Pokemon TCG cards of all time in light of Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year!

Delibird – Neo Revelation

Delibird is a Gen 2 Pokemon originally released as part of Pokemon Gold and Silver back in the year 2000. Known as the Christmas Pokemon, Delibird can often be seen depicted alongside gifts and festive decorations. In Neo Revelation, its first appearance in English, Delibird is shown in Komiya’s classic art style. The card shows Delibird trudging through a snowy forest with Pine trees in the background and a holo pattern that emphasises the night’s sky. 

Pokemon cards christmas

Pokemon Countdown Calendar

Released in 2008, the Pokemon Countdown Calendar is to this day the only Pokemon TCG advent calendar to ever release. The product was released in selected countries such as Canada, Germany, Norway to name a few and was a countdown to Christmas in the form of 24 Diamond & Pearl era cards with a snowflake stamp including Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup.

Flaaffy – Expedition

What happens when you combine everyone’s favourite electric sheep alongside Mitsuhiro Arita and the best holiday of the year? Magic. The card shows Flaafy sitting in front of a beautiful tree covered in presents. Whilst there are not many Pokemon cards directly related to Christmas, this one is the stand out when it comes to Pokemon TCG festivities. 

Uniqlo Kids × Pokémon Card Game XY Collection

In December 2014, Pokemon TCG teamed up with the Japanese closing brand Uniqlo to release Pokemon-themed thermal children’s shirts. For each purchase of a shirt, you would also receive one of four Warm Pikachu promo cards showcasing Pikachu in Uniqlo winter clothing. Pikachu 095/XY-P is the stand out here in terms of capturing Pikachu’s playful spirit alongside a snowman. 

2014 Toys R Us XY Pikachu Promo Jumbo

Released as a Japanese exclusive unnumbered XY-P jumbo card in the lead up to Christmas 2014, this Pikachu promo was given out to the first 100,000 customers across each Toys R Us store in Japan that purchased 3000Yen of eligible products. The card is designed by Naoki Saito and shows Pikachu alongside Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip in what appears to be a dash for gifts reminiscent of Christmas shopping! If only there was a regular-sized card.

What card makes you feel the most festive? It can be something nostalgic or a card themed around Christmas. Let us know!

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