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Pokémon TCG promo stamps revealed

Japan Post, a major postal service based in Tokyo, has revealed a collection of full-art promo stamps themed around Pokémon and the Pokémon TCG. 

The ‘Lite version’ of the ‘New Family Pokémon Card Game’ will be included with the Stamp Box, which comes two years after the original ‘Family Pokémon Card Game’ release. The special promo stamps will work like any regular stamp in Japan and will feature Pokemon artwork, including TCG cards.

Pokémon TCG promo stamps

As well as the Family set, the Stamp Box will include a sheet of usable stamps based on Pikachu and Cramorant, as well as two full-art promo cards. There will also be three stickers featuring Eevee, Pikachu and Charizard included in the box. The Pikachu and Cramorant stamps are based on the famous 1948 ‘Beauty Looking Back’ stamp and the 1949 ‘Moon Goose’ stamp. Both illustrations were completed by Mitsuhiro Arita, who is known best for his illustration work on the Pokemon TCG, especially during the early years. 

Pokémon TCG promo stamps

The first print run of the Stamp Box will produce 80,000 boxes, with more expected to follow. They have been scheduled for an August 25th release, with pre-orders opening on July 26th. This product will cost around 4000-yen (£26 / $37) but will not contain every single stamp being released.

Other stamps featuring Pokémon artwork will be the 64-yen stamps, which will cost 630-yen for a sheet, and the 84-yen stamps, which will cost 840-yen per sheet. It is believed that both of these stamp types will be available from July 7th. Some of these stamps will based on the four seasons and Pokémon enjoying themselves.

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