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Pokemon TCG Star Birth – VSTAR pull rates confirmed!

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Tomorrow marks the release of Japan’s first Pokemon TCG expansion of 2022: S9 Star Birth. Like every new release, the full set and secret rares have appeared online before boxes are readily available. With content creators getting access to Star Birth early we now know interesting information relating to the pull rates of the upcoming expansion.

Popular Hong Kong bases YouTuber, Neon Cactus opened a box of S9 Star Birth earlier today (watch the video below). In his Star Birth booster box, he packed two VSTAR cards, the newest Pokemon TCG mechanic alongside one secret rare. This is great news for Pokemon TCG collectors and players as this all but confirms that VSTAR rarities will be identical in pull rates to regular VMAX cards for the Japanese Pokemon TCG. 

Further video footage from P4C also shows two VSTAR cards per box alongside a secret rare making a booster box of S9 Star Birth a great purchase for those looking to collect VSTAR cards moving forward. We’ll have more information about general pull rates as more content creators and stores get boxes in hand. 

The majority of cards from S9 Star Birth will be included inside Pokemon TCG: Brilliant Stars which releases on February 25th in English alongside some cards from the ever-popular VMAX Climax expansion. Last month we revealed high-quality images of the alternate art Charizard V from Brilliant Stars and now have images of the Japanese version available here. 

Are you excited about the VSTAR mechanic? Will you be buying S9 Star Birth or waiting for Pokemon TCG: Brilliant Stars to release next month?

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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