Pokémon TCG – The 2003 7-Eleven Card Campaign

When it comes to the TCG that has done the most fast food collaborations, the award definitely goes to the Pokémon TCG. Even just recently we got a 25th anniversary McDonald’s set that forced scalpers to live off Happy Meals for a couple of weeks. Well, this marketing technique was incredibly popular in the early 2000s as the game continued to grow, with the Pokemon Company working with large chains such as Burger King to produce their “Diamond & Pearl” stamp Collection in 2008 and the McDonald’s sets that began in 2002. Well, in 2003, those living in Japan could grab themselves a nice refreshing drink, while adding to their Pokémon collection at the same time. 

Pokémon TCG 7-Eleven

In 2003, the Pokémon Company teamed up with 7-Eleven for a special promotion, giving customers a card every time they purchased a bottle of Coca-Cola Vanilla, Sprite Classic, Ambasa Sour White, Fanta Fruit Punch, or Fanta Melon Soda. In total, there were 21 cards to collect in total, with each sealed pack coming with a single card. 

Pokémon TCG 7-Eleven
Treecko 015/ADV-P
Torchic 018/ADV-P
Pokémon TCG 7-Eleven
Mudkip 020/ADV-P
Ludicolo 022/ADV-P
Pokémon TCG 7-Eleven
Pikachu 023/ADV-P
Groudon 027/ADV-P

The 7-Eleven Pokémon Fair Campaign kicked off on June 25th 2003 and ran until all stocks ran out. 10 of the cards featuring in the set came with both non-holo and ‘cosmos’ holofoil versions, which is similar to the recent 25th anniversary Mcdonald’s collection. As advertised on the back of these packs, there was a mystery holofoil that could be pulled in the form of a cosmos holofoil Jirachi. The reason that Jirachi was chosen as the crowning jewel of this short promo set is because the intention of the campaign was to promote the release of the sixth movie, Pokémon: Jirachi -Wish Maker. Each of the promo cards has a ‘7-Eleven’ stamp in the bottom left corner. A little later on, the 7-Eleven Campaign promo cards were made available in the US but without the stamp and used for different promo campaigns. 

Pokémon TCG 7-Eleven
Meowth 028/ADV-P
Whismur 030/ADV-P
Flygon 033/ADV-P
Absol 035/ADV-P
Pokémon TCG 7-Eleven
Jirachi 025/ADV-P

It made perfect sense for the Pokémon Company to team up with 7-Eleven, as 30% of the franchise’s stores were located in Japan at the time of the promotion. This gave the TCG huge amounts of exposure, as well as offering fans many outlets to complete their sets. Do you think that we should get more large company chain promotions in the English version of the game? Or do you think it’s ok to enjoy them every once in while? 

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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