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Pokemon TCG – The Pokemon GO Mewtwo cards 

It’s hard to believe that there are almost 1000 Pokemon in the franchise today, considering it all began with just 151 back when it started in 1998. Although there are now several legendaries harnessing incredible power, in the beginning, there was one particular Pokemon that struck fear into the hearts of most trainers who stumbled across it – Mewtwo. Six brand new Mewtwo cards will come with the upcoming Pokemon GO booster, including a V full art alternate art which will no doubt be a chase card for many collectors. 

Mewtwo v

Mewtwo v sports menacing artwork of the ultimate psychic type, forming its infamous Shadow Ball attack before continuing his the rein of destruction that can be seen in the background of this piece. The detail that has gone into this card is really impressive and gives the Pokemon a real-world appearance. 

Pokemon GO Mewtwo

Mewtwo Vstar

There is a powerful Vstar Mewtwo coming with the Pokemon GO set, offering an alternative evolution line for V Pokemon. This card will be one of two Vstars coming with the set, with the other one being Dragonite Vstar, another Pokemon from the original 151. 

Pokemon GO Mewtwo

Mewtwo Gold and rainbow Vstar

There will also be two rarer versions of Mewtwo Vstar in this set, in the form of Gold and Rainbow rares. These versions really pop with the foiling, which works well against the simplified art style of the card. Gold and Rainbow rares are always popular among fans of the Pokemon TCG, which will no doubt land these cards on many pull wishlists. If you would like to learn more about some of the most valuable Rainbow rares in the game, click here

Pokemon GO Mewtwo

Mewtwo V full art

The Mewtwo V full art offers another variation of this card, with softer rounded artwork that is more reminiscent of the Pokemon GO graphics. Mewtwo fans will have a ball with this set, as it features plenty of variations to collect. With that being said, it’s a shame they didn’t include the armoured Mewtwo from the Pokemon Movie, as this form appeared in Pokemon GO back in 2019. 

Pokemon GO Mewtwo

V full art alternate art

Fittingly paying homage to the original Pokemon GO trailer and the AR tech itself, this card art shows Mewtwo as he appears in-game, appearing within a city Raid. The Pokemon staring down is intimidating, especially knowing the kind of destruction he can do, as seen in the regular Mewtwo V art at the top of our list!

The Pokemon GO set releases on July 1st. For those who enjoy playing the AR mobile game, a special event to celebrate the collaboration is in full swing, which will run until July 30th. To learn more, check out our article here. If you would like to check out all of the fantastic cards coming with the Pokemon GO booster, click on the links below – 


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