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Pokémon TCG Tier List – January 2021

January Tier List

It’s January, you’ve eaten far too much over the last two weeks, your constant cabin-fever headaches have started to disappear, and you’re dreaming of the next opportunity to head into your local game store. With many countries in nationwide lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this guide is here to help you know when to pick up an Elite Trainer Box in store or click that “BUY NOW” button next time you see Pokémon product at MSRP online. Welcome to The Pokémon TCG tier list for January 2021.

Hidden Fates ETB

Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Box

The reprint of the incredibly popular set Hidden Fates will hit shelves this January. As this is a “mini” holiday set from 2019, there are no booster boxes and thus the Elite Trainer Box containing ten boosters and a “Full art mosaic legendary birds” card that sells for over $150 in a PSA 10 is the quintessential Hidden Fates product to add to your collection. Hidden Fates is one of, if not the most popular modern set of all time. Do not miss the opportunity to pick up some product before the prices skyrocket again.

Champion’s Path Elite Trainer Box

Champion’s Path is 2020’s holiday set and a great longterm investment due to the popularity of the two Charizard chase cards that can be found inside. The Elite Trainer Box has Charizard VMAX artwork and a Charizard V black star promo that makes it a solid option if you can find it at its £59.99 MSRP.

Champions Path ETB
Pokemon TCG Evolutions

XY: Evolutions Booster Pack Products

My spider-sense tingles when I walk into a supermarket and find a sealed collection box with an XY Evolutions pack inside. A year or so ago this heavily printed set from 2016 was being thrown into all collection boxes due to how large a print-run it received. Fast-forward to January 2021 and the booster boxes now sell for well over £400 due to the huge boom in popularity for its older brother: base set. If you can purchase any Evolutions under £10 a pack, I highly recommend going for it. This set is no longer in print and will only continue to rise as booster pack prices look to increase even more in 2021. If there was an actual chance of purchasing XY Evolutions sealed product then this would be at the top of the list.

Shiny Star V Booster Box

With the release of Shining Fates in February, Shiny Star V’s popularity has dwindled ever so slightly. That being said, this set is incredibly collectable and the kind of product that is a struggle to keep sealed due to its shiny Pokémon and guaranteed V cards in every pack. Each booster box contains at least one shiny VMAX, one of which is the shiny VMAX Charizard which will most likely launch in February with Shining Fates. These boxes are a great addition to your collection and have been an entry point to the Japanese TCG for many. Definitely worth the pickup if you spot them at a reasonable price.

Shiny Star V
Vivid Voltage Booster

Vivid Voltage Booster Packs/Boxes

The newest Pokémon TCG set is filled to the brim with fun cards to collect. The chase Rainbow Pikachu VMAX is notoriously hard to pull — as the first ever VMAX of the franchise’s mascot this will be a great long-term hold. Add in the six Amazing Rares for the first time in English, some popular full art trainer cards, and a full art Pikachu V with a gorgeous pink background — Vivid Voltage is a joy to open. This set is worth picking up to feed the pack opening itch, so you can keep your vintage and modern-vintage sets sealed, just enough to feed the itch!

Tier List will be a monthly occurrence, if you have any ideas for any future content, please reach out to editor@ludkinsmedia.com

John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor

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