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Pokemon TCG – Top 5 Astral Radiance cards to look out for

The 10th main booster in the Sword and Shield series, Astral Radiance, releases today. This set is made up of cards from the Japanese dual sets Time Gazer and Space Juggler, themed around the Origin Formes of Dialga and Palkia which first appeared in the Pokemon Legends: Arceus Switch game. With boosters now on shelves, we share our top 5 cards. 

Origin Forme Dialga V (Alt Arts)

There is something quite hypnotising about the artwork for the Dialga V alt art, with splashes of colours reflecting the seasons of the trees and the different stages of the moon. Despite the artwork looking more subtle and softer, compared to the other cards in our Astral Radiance list, it currently holds the highest TCG Player market guide value for this set ($110).

Astral Radiance

Origin Forme Palkia V (Alt Art)

The artwork for the Origin Forme Palkia V alt art is complex, stunning and reminiscent of the famous mathematical staircase painting created by M. C. Escher, which is fitting as Palkia is one of the temporal Pokemon residing in the Spatial World. TCG Player have given this card an initial market value of $75.

Astral Radiance

Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR

Not far behind its alt art version, the Origin Forme Palkia V currently holds a value of around $70 on TCG Player. The gold foiling of the card help highlight the details of Palkia, appearing as he does in the Pokemon Legends: Arceus set. 

Astral Radiance

Machamp V (Alt Art)

As shown in this card art, having a Machamp to help you with your work would be incredibly helpful. This traditional looking full artwork may have a lot going on, but doesn’t take away from the focus Pokemon. Currently, this card is selling for around $57 on TCG Player. 

Irida (Full Art)

There are some fans of the Pokemon TCG who really enjoy collecting cards featuring the female characters of the franchise, especially those they have a soft spot for. Irida will be the latest Trainer card that will be sought after by collectors, currently selling for $55 over on TCG Player. 

It will be interesting to see if these cards hold the same values after the initial market burst, or if they will increase or decrease in value over the next couple of weeks. What Astral Radiance cards are you most hoping to pull?

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