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Pokemon TCG – Top 5 Lost Origin Secret Rares

Last week, the Lost Abyss booster was released in Japan, revealing the fantastic Secret Rares that will likely come with the English Lost Origin set. Among these cards are several Secret Rares sporting some impressive artwork, including Rainbow Rares and Full Arts. in this article, we share our favourite Secret Rares that are likely to appear in the Lost Origin booster.

Rotom V (#104)

What a health and safety inspector might consider a fire hazard, Rotom considers paradise! Fans of the Legends Arceus game will know that Rotom has several forms based on the appliances bought from the Ginkgo Guild. Although it’s pretty cool to see the little Pokemon turn into a fridge or a washing machine, what I really want to see is a Coffee Machine Rotom… now that would come in handy! 

Pokemon Lost Origin

 Aerodactyl V (#106)

This Aerodactyl V takes us right back to the prehistoric era of the Pokemon world. While the flying predator soars high above the land, several ancient Pokemon can be seen far below. With the long-necked Tropius towering above the Bastiodons, and the Rampardos stampeding in the far corner, this card art really gives off Jurassic Park vibes. 

Pokemon Lost Origin

Giratina V (#111)

Shinji Kanda is one of the most unique artists in the Pokemon TCG, despite only working on card art for the game since Brilliant Stars. In his latest work, Giratina V can be seen gliding through a seriously psychedelic background.  If you are a fan of Shinji Kanda’s art style, you will also want to look out for the Hypno (#43) that is also included in the Lost Origin booster. 

Pokemon Lost Origin

Galarian Perrserker V (#109)

In this artwork, we see a very proud-looking Perrserker showing off his four golden bottle caps. With Perrserker being the evolution of Galarian Meowth, this could be a reference to an old episode of Pokemon, Episode 96, where James uses his collection of bottle caps to convince villagers that Meowth could use the Pay Day move to make them rich. 

Fantina (#116)

There are several fantastic-looking Full Art Trainer cards coming with Lost Abyss, and choosing just one for our top pick isn’t an easy task. If we were forced to choose, it would have to be the classy and sophisticated Fantina. This artwork captures the beauty of the Ghost-type Hearthome Gym Leader, who appears to be putting on a grand show at a Pokemon Contest. 

Pokemon Lost Origin

These cards are just a few of the Secret Rares, with several others that you can check out here. Most of these cards will make an appearance in the Lost Origin booster, heading to the English Pokemon TCG on September 9th. This is an unusual date considering summer sets are usually expected in August but could be a way for the set to avoid taking attention from the Pokemon World Championship 2022, taking place between August 18th and August 21st.

Which Lost Origin Secret Rare is your favourite? To keep up to date with all Pokemon TCG information and more TCG news, follow Ludkins Media on Instagram and Facebook.

Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media 

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