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Pokemon TCG V-UNION – 2021’s Legend cards?

Pokemon V-UNION

There had been rumblings of a V-UNION trademark running wild for a couple of months, and we’ve finally got images to showcase what the newest gameplay mechanic in Pokemon TCG will look like. V-UNION brings together four single cards to create a larger image, something we’ve seen previously with Legend cards from the HeartGold/SoulSilver era. This article will take a look at the past and delve into the future, all in one.

Let’s start by taking a look at V-UNION. Images appeared online showcasing three different cards that will be included in upcoming Japanese starter decks. Greninja, MewTwo, and Zacian will be split into four individual cards that combine to make a larger image. The game mechanic requires the four cards to be in your discard pile to play them.

The artwork looks pretty damn cool, but does it really need to be split into four? We’ve seen with the Legend cards (which we’ll touch upon later in the article) that from a collectors perspective, grading companies don’t combine them and because of that, they look quite segregated from a display standpoint. If V-UNION is to be something that people want to collect and grade then there needs to potentially be a way for PSA etc to combine the four cards into one slab – if not we may have BREAK cards 2.0 on our hands.

The awesome artwork and real emphasis on grandiose power in the Pokemon TCG V-UNION cards is very similar to that of the Legend cards that were originally released in English in 2010 with HeartGold & SoulSilver expansions. The cards similarly combined legendary Pokemon to Sun & Moon Tag Team GX cards however the artwork is divided over two cards. 

There are nine Legend cards starting with Ho-Oh and Lugia and showcasing legendary Pokemon up to Generation IV’s Palkia & Dialga. These cards have long been underrated in my opinion, probably because as a graded collection something just doesn’t quite work when the artwork is separated by a plastic slab. That being said combining the cards in a binder or a double toploader makes the artwork pop!

With The Pokemon TCG V-UNION decks releasing in Japan on August 20th, 2021 there could potentially be some form of V-UNION releasing in future sets. Could we see the starter Pokemon as V-UNION cards in the 25th Anniversary set? How do you feel about artwork split over four cards?

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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