Pokemon TCG – What we want to see in 2022

Pokemon TCG 2022

2022 is well and truly underway with the first English Pokemon TCG expansion of the year, Brilliant Stars, only a few weeks away. After the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus and the leaks of May’s Astral Radiance expansion I thought now was the perfect time to discuss what we would love to see for Pokemon TCG in 2022. 

Pokemon 2022

With the release of Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl and now Pokemon Legends Arceus set in the Hisui region (Sinnoh of the past) 2022 will likely be heavily focused on bringing back everyone’s favourite generation 4 Pokemon. Brilliant Stars releasing on February 25th is set to be largely focused on Arceus and Charizard with the former getting some Hisui specific alternate art that is a must for any fan of the god of all Pokemon.

We get a nice break of three months to heal our wallets in anticipation of Astral Radiance which looks set to include some of the newer Pokemon forms from Legends: Arceus (I won’t go into detail here just in case you’ve miraculously managed to avoid all spoilers). That being said, I’m hopeful that Astral Radiance is the last Sinnoh specific expansion of the year – getting new Hisui forms is great but let’s not kid around, they are generally awful and the less we see them in packs the better. 

That leaves another two main expansions and maybe one subset for release in the English TCG for 2022. I could speculate about what I’d like to see included in these sets but everyone will have their favourites and expectations of what’s to come. Instead, I want to focus on what The Pokemon Company International must do/not do over the next 12 months:

– Do continue to release incredible alternate arts (we love them and they stand out from the crowd).

– Do continue to release a variety of sets with different chase cards (Charizard is cool but less is always more).

– Don’t continue to release huge sets with hundreds of Secret Rares, learn from Celebrations (small sets are awesome and no one wants a 300 card setlist).

– Don’t release more Rainbow Rares – I’m tired, you’re tired, we’re all tired of Rainbow Rares.

Rainbow Rare Charizard VSTAR

– Do release more special products (Celebrations Ultra Premium Collection is a banger and more sets should have similar special releases).

– Do be more mindful about print quality (The quality of promo cards in particular recently have been shockingly bad, it’s not good enough for the price we pay to own them).

– Do allow fans to enjoy the hobby by continuing to increase print supply like you’ve mentioned on many occasions over the last year or so.

– Do make Pokemon Worlds 2022 the best event ever, the last two years have sucked and we all need a big party to lift our spirits and bring some in-person Pokemon joy.

We would love to know what else you would add to this list, what would you like to see in 2022 for Pokemon TCG?

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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