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PSA 9 Pokemon World Championships 2013 NO. 2 Trainer sells for $80,000 – One of a kind!

Pokemon World Championships NO.2

This month’s PWCC Auction block on eBay is filled with exciting prospects for your Pokemon TCG collection. None more so than one of the rarest cards in the hobby, a pop 1 PSA 9 NO. 2 Trainer card from the 2013 Pokemon World Championships. Let’s take a look at what makes this card so desirable. 

UPDATE: Since writing this article, this PSA 9 Pokemon World Championships 2013 NO. 2 Trainer sold for $80,200

Just over eight years ago Vancouver held the 2013 TCG and VGC Pokemon World Championships, the first-ever World Championships to be held outside of the United States of America. Those unfamiliar with Pokemon World Championship Trophy cards are handed out to the top four trainers in each category of the competition. 2013 is a special year in particular due to being the final year that the competition’s trophy cards were half art before a modern full art version was incorporated in 2014. Additionally, 2013 is the first year that Pokemon chose to award a trophy card to the NO. 4 Trainer, making 2013 the only year possible to obtain a NO.1 to NO.4 Trainer half art World Championship collection.

Pokemon World Championships NO. 2

Up until 2013, the World Championship Trainer cards were only awarded to trainers competing in the TCG competition. In 2013, things changed and TPCI decided to award trainers from Pokemon VGC trophy cards as well. This means that the number of copies for each card was doubled leading to six copies of this particular Pokemon World Championships NO. 2 Trainer card to be released (one to each of the three runners up in the TCG categories and one to each of the three runners up in the VGC categories).

This PWCC Auction is for the only PSA graded copy of this particular half art trophy, making this PSA 9 not only a pop 1 for its grade but the card in general. The card shows Pikachu holding a silver trophy illustrated by Ken Hoshiba, who illustrated the Pokemon Center Osaka 020/P released in 2002 to commemorate the opening of New York’s Pokemon Centre.

This is the highlight of the Pokemon block and will have many onlookers anticipating a huge sum of money. A 2006 PSA 9 NO. 2 Trainer sold during Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary PWCC block in February for $110,100.

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