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Prerelease promos for Astral Radiance revealed!

It’s been an exciting few days for the Pokemon TCG. Yesterday (March 8th), we got the official announcement for the Astral Radiance booster, with further information being shared about the prerelease cards of the set, which will focus on Hisuian Pokemon. These brand new forms were introduced in January with Legends: Arceus for the Nintendo Switch. In this new era of video games for the franchise, we got to see the origin forms of Dialga and Palkia, who will also be the mascot of Astral Radiance.

The prerelease promos for the set, releasing on May 27th, are the Hisuian forms of Magnezone and Samurott, as well as the Legends: Arceus in-game mounts, Wyrdeer and Basculegion.

Astral Radiance prerelease
Magnezone – (SWSH208)
Giga Magnet (Ability) 
Once during your turn, you may look at the top 6 cards of your deck, choose any number of (Metal) Energy you find there, and attach those Energy to your Pokemon in any way you like. Then, shuffle the remaining cards back into your deck.
Astral Radiance prerelease
Hisuian Samurott – (SWSH 207)
Tricky Stance (Ability)
Once during your turn, you may discard a card from your hand. If you do, draw 3 cards.
Dark Prison
This attack does 20 more damage times the amount of Energy attached to all of your  Pokemon.
Astral Radiance prerelease
Wyrdeer – (SWSH206)
Fast-Paced (Ability) 
Once during your turn, you may draw a card.
 If you have the same number of cards in hand as your opponent, this attack does 80 more damage.
Astral Radiance prerelease
Hisuian Basculegion – (SWSH205)
Grudging Dive
If any of your Pokemon were Knocked Out by damage from an attack during your opponent’s last turn, this attack does 90 more damage, and your opponent’s Active Pokemon is now Confused.

These prerelease cards are alternate art versions of cards that come from the Battle Region booster that was released last month in Japan, and the twin sets Time Gazer and Space Juggler that will release in April. So far, we have seen several Astral Radiance products including the Elite Trainer Boxes, 3-pack blister packs, Build & Battle stadium and the Build & Battle Boxes. 

Astral Radiance boosters, Elite Trainer Boxes and the Build & Battle products can be pre-ordered now on the Pokemon Center website. For those in the UK, click here. For those in the US, click here. To learn more about some of the fantastic cards included in Astral Radiance, as well other products we can look forward to in 2022, check out our articles below. 

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