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PSA 10 Base Set Shadowless Charizard sells for a record $105,000 at auction

Shadowless Charizard Record Sale

A PSA 10 Base Set Shadowless Charizard has sold for $105,000 at PWCC Premier Auction, setting a new record price for the second English print of Base Set Charizard after its First Edition counterpart.

The auction which took place on PWCC’s website, now the home of all their auctions after their ban and public dispute with eBay, took place on Sunday night with the PSA 10 Shadowless Charizard card eclipsing its last record sale price from February of $75,600 on PWCC via eBay. 

Shadowless print is incredibly rare, some even think it’s rare than First Edition Base due to the expected short print-run. In terms of PSA, there are only 56 PSA 10s of a Shadowless Charizard from over 5000 graded copies making the card incredibly hard to find in a Gem Mint condition. 

Shadowless Charizard Record Sale

When I spoke to Gary “King Pokémon” a few months ago, he emphasised how much he loves shadowless Charizards. He said, “ I have 13 shadowless and I think those are a real sleeper. There are 122 First Edition Base Set Charizard PSA 10 and then there are 56 Shadowless, of which I own 13. They’re much harder to get 10s on because they were cut after the first edition so the blades were a little bit duller and things like that.”

This new record price is a reminder of the Pokemon TCG market’s growth over the last few years. Whilst we’ve seen some retracing since February’s 25th Anniversary party, this sale shows that rarity overshadows all and people are still willing to pay record prices for cards to complete their collection. 

Only a few months ago, a PSA 10 Shadowless Charizard sold on Goldin Auctions for a price of $47,970 showcasing that many factors come into play when fetching a price for a card. The sales price is dependent on condition, marketing, auction house, the general market, and many more factors. 

We’ll update this article once payment is confirmed, yet due to the way PWCC Premier auctions verify bidders before taking part in the auction, there is no reason to believe this card will not sell for the advertised final price. 

Read our history of Base Set Charizard here.

John-Anthony Disotto – Editor-in-Chief

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