PSA 9 Pokemon World Championships 1998 No. 3 Trainer at auction!

1998 trainer pokemon

This month’s PWCC Auction block is filled with exciting prospects for your Pokemon TCG collection. None more so than one of the rarest cards in the hobby, a pop 5 PSA 9 No. 3 Trainer card from the 1998 Pokemon World Championships.

1998 trainer pokemon

The 1998 Bronze No. 3 Trainer, awarded to the 3rd place Pokemon TCG trainer in 1998’s Lizardon Mega Battle tournament, is an extremely sought-after trophy card showcasing Pikachu holding a bronze trophy. There are five PSA 9s in existence with no 10s on the PSA population report. 

The PWCC Premier Auction listing states,

“Only awarded to the third-place winners in the regional qualifiers for the Lizardon Mega Battle in Japan in late 1997 & early 1998, the Bronze Trophy Pikachu has only approximately 15 copies known to have been officially been awarded. Across the 6 different regional qualifiers at which these Trophy Pikachu cards were awarded to, there are thought to have been 9 junior league and 6 senior league copies awarded, with the cards themselves were awarded inside of an acrylic plaque denoting which tournament they were won at.

The Lizardon Mega Battle championships itself has been historically labeled the first official national championships for Japan, with over 20,000 people in attendance, where the winners of the Junior and Senior League tournaments received trophies instead of prize cards like the regional qualifiers. As a result, these regional Trophy Pikachu cards have been long coveted by card collectors for their historical importance, and a truly museum quality investment piece.”

This is the highlight of the Pokemon block and will have many onlookers anticipating a huge sum of money. A 2006 PSA 9 NO. 2 Trainer sold during Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary PWCC block in February for $110,100.

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