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Pulsemon and Myotismon New Hero Reveals!

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been getting card reveals for BT-08 New Hero. So far, we have seen a number of Digimon from the Frontier series, as well as a new Black Greymon line. Now, we have a number of new card reveals including the first Green Pulsemon card and a new Myotismon archetype.


Inherited Effect:  [Both player Turn] For each of your other rested Digimon, this Digimon gains DP+1000.

This Pulsemon card is exciting, as it is the first non-yellow coloured Pulsemon. Whatever Digimon this Pulsemon Digivolves into will preferably attack last, as any other rested Digimon will power it up by a further +1000 DP. The artwork of this electric Digimon, illustrated by Minato Sashima, is adorable and shows it daydreaming about all the different ways it can work out while studying.


Inherited Effect: [Opponent Turn] When all of your Digimon are rested, this Digimon gain +1000DP

We have also seen the Digitama intended for the new Green Pulsemon. Like Pulsemon, Bibimon increases the DP of its stronger forms by a further +1000 for every rested Digimon. It’s nice to see the little Digimon trading the city streets for a nice meadow, which is more fitting for a Green themed card. 


[On Play] If you have 5 or more cards with “Myotismon” in its name in your trash, delete one of your opponent’s active Digimon, and trash the top card of your opponent’s security.

[When Evolve] Trash the top 5 cards of your deck. Then, if you have a card with “Myotismon” in its name in your trash, gain +1 memory.

This latest SR reveal has some seriously cool artwork, with the reincarnated Myotismon twisting the elements so that he can use them for evil. MaloMyotismon first appeared in Digimon Adventure 02 and later turned up in Digimon Xros Wars. This card will come in handy within Myotismon decks, as having that type of Digimon in your trash will allow it to delete any active Digimon. To help you fill your trash with Myotismon, its Digivolve effect lets you drop 5 cards and then gain +1 memory if there is a Myotismon in the trash. 

Myotismon New Hero
Myotismon New Hero

Oikawa Yukio

[Both players’ turns] When your Digimon with “Myotismon” in its name is destroyed, by resting this tamer, gain +1 Memory.

[At the end of your opponent’s turn] If this tamer is rested, by deleting this tamer, you may play one “MaloMyotismon” from your trash without paying its cost.

[Security] Play this card without paying its cost.

The Tamer that will be used with the Myotismon archetype will be the creepy looking Oikawa Yukio. Every time a Myotismon is destroyed, you gain +1 Memory, which will be nice as having Myotismon in the trash will be beneficial in this deck anyway. If you delete Oikawa Yukio, you get to play a MaloMyotismon from your trash for free. 

Pandemonium Flame

[Main] By deleting one of your Digimon, delete an opponent’s active Digmon with a level less than or equal to the deleted Digimon.

[Security] Delete one of your opponent’s active Digimon.

MaloMyotismon is going all out in this artwork for Pandemonium Flame and doesn’t mind using his own team as cannon fodder. By sacrificing one of your Digimon, this Option card allows you to delete an opponent’s Digimon with a level equal to, or less than, that of the Digimon you deleted. If your opponent is unlucky enough to attack this Security card, then it will automatically delete one of your Opponent’s active Digimon. 

Myotismon New Hero

The New Hero booster set will release on November 26th in Japan, with the English version expected in early 2021, although a specific date is yet to be announced. If you would like to check out some of the other reveals for New Hero, check out our article here.

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