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Saiyan Showdown Art – The good, the bad and the ugly

Every set of the DBS CG seems to bring new and experimental art styles to the game, with the upcoming Saiyan Showdown booster being no different. Although there a number of nice looking cards in this set, not every card can be a masterpiece when it comes to illustrations.

Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Decisive Battle 

There’s something very retro-looking about how Goku has been sketched and coloured while using the Kaio-Ken technique, like it’s a scene from an 80’s manga cover. The energy coming off Goku, along with the rocks he’s leaping off, almost floods out all of the green on the card, preventing it from contrasting too much against the pink. The SPR version of this card also deserves a mention, as you can almost feel that blow. 

Vegeta, Preparing to Invade

If this artwork of Vegeta looks off, it probably means you didn’t see the Dragon Ball Kai series, which retold the story of Dragon Ball with the illustrations redrawn from scratch and compacted into far fewer episodes. Love it or hate it, the series did cut out all of the awful filler episodes, such as the time Goku and Piccalo went to get their driving licenses. Regardless of how the Prince of Saiyans appears in this artwork, many players will no doubt be quick to utilise its effect in decks like King Cold. 

Nature’s Revival 

If the ‘Rock the Dragon’ theme song from Dragon Ball Z pops into your head when looking at this card, there is a very good reason. This scene, from the Tree of Might movie, also appears in the opening credits of the Funimation/Saban dub. This illustration looks remarkably clean, especially compared to the original scene from the movie. 

Saiyan Showdown Art

Nappa, On Guard

Although Nappa’s time in Dragon Ball Z was short-lived, he proved to be a frightening powerhouse of a Saiyan. This artwork embodies his ferocity perfectly, as he reaches out land a point-blank energy blast on his opponent. 

Great Ape Son Gohan, Saiyan Impulse & Great Ape Raditz, Might Unleashed

It wouldn’t be a Saiyan Showdown without great ape forms wreaking havoc. In the new Gohan Leader card, we see Gohan going ape, with an image of gohan moments before transforming. The Raditz Great Ape card is also really nice, as we never got to see the Saiyan transform. Maybe if he did, the story of Dragon Ball Z would have been a lot shorter! 

Baby Janemba, Malefic Agent of Destruction 

A new agent of destruction has arrived! Those familiar with the Dragon Ball Heroes series will know that Baby Janemba is the result of Baby processing Janemba. Having GT and  Dragon Ball Z movie characters crossing over is a pretty wild combination, but one that definitely works in this artwork. 

King Vegeta, Invasion’s Command 

Although the KO and hand destruction abilities on this card are incredible, it’s artwork, and King Vegeta’s face in particular, are not. Now, they do say art is subjective and what one person hates could be what another person considers a masterpiece, but this style won’t be everyone’s cup of tea with the strange feature proportions of his face.

Wilderness Monster 

It’s really nice to see scenes from more obscure sources making into card form, like this scene in the opening credits of Tree of Might that literally lasts two seconds. This card introduces a standard 2-cost skill-less Battle card with the ‘Monster’ trait that will come in handy with the new yellow archetype that will use the new Hire-Dragon Battle and Field cards. 

Saiyan Showdown Art

Destined Confrontation

The first Saiyan Showdown the Dragon Ball saga ever saw was between Goku and Vegeta, before he turned to the good side. There are a number of cards coming in this set that follow the conclusive battle between the two, with this option card being one of them. The split art in this card is fantastic and captures the epic moment in the Saiyan saga perfectly. 

Saiyan Showdown Art

Hit, Battlefield Manipulator 

In the SR version of ‘Hit, Battlefield Manipulator’, we see Goku getting his organs rearranged by Hit using his time skip technique. This illustration has a really unique style, with the hair and fabric texture on Goku taking the detailing to the next level. The SPR Version seems to be a head nod to the ‘Hit, Battlefield Manipulator’ signature card that came with the Tournament of Power booster, as Hit has the same expression and stance, only with more of him showing. 

Saiyan Showdown Art

The Saiyan Showdown booster will release on November 5th and will come with a free SR or SPR box topper. Although the full card list is yet to be revealed, we do know what the SRs of this latest set will be. To learn more about them, head over to our article here.

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