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Saiyan Showdown – Our Top SR Picks

The next booster in the DBS CG, Saiyan Showdown, was announced on September 17th.  Following the reveal, Bandai wasted no time in showing off some of the incredible cards coming with this brand new set. In this article, we will share with you our top SRs of the set and share our reasons why we think they stand out.

The DBS CG Saiyan Showdown booster will focus on Saiyan characters spanning the Dragon Ball universe, including movies such as Broly and Tree of Might. These cards will no doubt evoke nostalgia in fans while still having the modern DBS CG spin. This can be seen within cards such as ‘Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Reclaiming Hope’ and the new Son Goku and Vegeta Leader Cards.

This list is comprised of our top picks and is in no way claiming that these are the best SRs of the set.

Fin, Coercion Incarnate 

For the first time in the Dragon Ball Super Card Game, Fin, the diabolical Majin creation of Towa, will be introduced. Although a number of Fin cards have been revealed, ‘Fin, Coercion Incarnate’ is arguably one of the best. This card is pretty powerful for a 2 cost Battle Card, allowing your opponent to save one of their Battle Cards before the others are sent to the Warp. This full art looks sinister and ominous, which does this Dragon Ball Heroes antagonist justice. 

Saiyan Showdown SRs
Saiyan Showdown SRs

Caulifla, the Awakened Sister 

It wouldn’t be a Saiyan Showdown without including those living in the 6th Universe. This card can be played for just 1 Energy, if you combo with it and have another Caulifla to place this card on top of. If a 20000 Power Double Striker wasn’t good enough, you can also turn an opponent’s Battle Card or an Energy to rest. Some have speculated that Caulifla is the Universe 6 version of Goku or Gohan, and by looking at the Super Saiyan hair in this card, that may be not too hard to believe. 

Dark Broly, Resonant Obliteration

If Broly wasn’t intimidating enough, here is a masked Broly oozing with dark energy. The +1 skill can be incredibly helpful in searching for key Activate:Battle cards like ‘Frieza’s Death Ball’. The -2 skill can get spicy, as it removes 3000 power from an opponent’s battle card depending on how many red Extra Cards you have in your drop. If you are playing a deck like Prison Frieza, which has lots of extra cards, this could get fun. 

Hit, Battlefield Manipulator 

Hit is arguably the coolest new character introduced into the Dragon Ball series, being an assassin who can time skip to get the jump on his opponent. Goku experienced this first hand in the battle depicted in this Unison card. Although the extra markers granted by Arrivals and the card draw is nice, it is the -1 ability that really makes this card shine. For two Energy, you can force your opponent’s Leader to Awaken but lose their Awaken and Wish skills. For many decks, this could be absolutely devastating and will no doubt annoy many players. 

Ultimate Minus Energy Power Ball

When Saiyan Showdown was announced we were promised more Shadow Dragons and that is certainly true. Although there are a number of SR Shadow Dragons to choose from, including ‘Omega Shenron, Ultimate Darkness’ and ‘Nova Shenron, Power of Darkness’, we went with this modest addition for our final pick. ‘Ultimate Minus Energy Power Ball’ is a 1 cost Counter Attack card that will send a 15000 Power or less Battle Card stright to the warp. What is more, its Counter skill can be played for free if there is a black Unison in play. Its Activate: Main skill powers up another Shadow Dragon by a nice +15000, which definitely could come in handy. 

Saiyan Showdown will include 292 card types in total, 60 of which being commons, 38 Uncommon, 30 Rares, 23 Super Rares, 9 Special rares and for the first time, four Secret Rares! The DBS CG Saiyan Showdown is set for a November 5th release and will inject several new mechanics into the TCG. 

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