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Saiyan Showdown Top Picks – Is this the best set of the year?

The Saiyan Showdown set officially releases today in most regions! As the name suggests, This booster will focus on Saiyan characters spanning the entire Dragon Ball universe, including movies such as Broly and Tree of Might. These cards will no doubt evoke nostalgia in fans while still having the modern DBS CG spin. To celebrate its release, we share our top picks from the Saiyan Showdown set. 

Destined Confrontation

The first Saiyan Showdown the Dragon Ball saga ever saw was between Goku and Vegeta, before he turned to the good side. There are a number of cards coming in this set that follow the conclusive battle between the two, with this option card being one of them. The split art in this card is fantastic and captures the epic moment in the Saiyan saga perfectly. 

Videl, Encountering Danger

It’s always nice to see characters in outfits that are completely different to what we are used to seeing them in. This is certainly the case in ‘Videl, Encountering Danger’, which shows the moment that Videl has a run-in with the Legendary Super Saiyan. What is really cool about this moment is the determination and perseverance of Videl, who knows that Broly is completely out of her league but chooses to stand up to him anyway. Being able to play this Counter:Play card for free, if you have a three cost Unison in play, is really nice. 

Saiyan Showdown

Pan, Time Patrol Maiden 

‘Pan, Time Patrol Maiden’ is the first time this version of Pan has been in the DBS CG. She is also the only SCR from the Saiyan Showdown set that gets the entire spotlight within the card. The play cost of this card is reduced by 2 for every Battle Card on the field, which potentially means a free Counter:Attack that stops all other attacks for the turn and plays this 40000 Power card. If you spend 1 energy, you can remove this card from the game to take control of one of your opponent’s Battle Cards! 

Hit, Battlefield Manipulator 

In the SR version of ‘Hit, Battlefield Manipulator’, we see Goku getting his organs rearranged by Hit using his time skip technique. This illustration has a really unique style, with the hair and fabric texture on Goku taking the detailing to the next level. The SPR Version seems to be a head nod to the ‘Hit, Battlefield Manipulator’ signature card that came with the Tournament of Power booster, as Hit has the same expression and stance, only with more of him showing. 

Saiyan Showdown

Fin, Coercion Incarnate 

For the first time in the Dragon Ball Super Card Game, Fin, the diabolical Majin creation of Towa, will be introduced. Although a number of Fin cards have been revealed, ‘Fin, Coercion Incarnate’ is arguably one of the best. This card is pretty powerful for a 2 cost Battle Card, allowing your opponent to save one of their Battle Cards before the others are sent to the Warp. This full art looks sinister and ominous, which does this Dragon Ball Heroes antagonist justice. 

King Vegeta, Invasion’s Command

We have seen this style of artwork before within SPRs of the Dragon Ball Super CG, offering a new level of detailing that gives King Vegeta the noble appearance he deserves. The gold foil highlights throughout the artwork almost look like energy radiation throughout his body, despite fans barely seeing any fights involving the king of all Saiyans. This Unison is one of the best of the set. The play cost of this card can be lowered to just two, while its Spirit Boost ability can get it out with three markers on it. Its +1 ability will send a card from your opponent’s side of the field and their hand to the bottom of their deck, which is really nice and its -X ability allows you to KO as many cards as you want, as long as you have enough markers. 

Saiyan Showdown
Saiyan Showdown

SS4: The Vermillion Saiyans

The first Saiyan Showdown SCR shows the Vermillion Saiyans as seen in the Dragon Ball Heroes series. The split artwork gives this card an almost comic book look, especially with each character having their own background colour. This black Counter:Attack Extra card will work amazingly in rainbow decks, potentially clearing away all of your opponent’s Battle Cards for just one energy. It’s Activate:Main has a fantastic play ability that could potentially get four level 2 Battle Cards on the field.

The Saiyan Showdown set includes 292 card types in total, 60 of which being commons, 38 Uncommon, 30 Rares, 23 Super Rares, 9 Special rares and for the first time, four Secret Rares! Like a lot of product releases during the pandemic, the DBS CG Saiyan Showdown was delayed in some regions but is now almost fully available worldwide. 

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