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Saiyan Showdown – What is the final SCR?

We have been seeing a lot of collaborations between Bandai and content creators in the community lately, giving them the honour of opening boosters early and revealing the rarest cards of a set. This time around, the latest SCR reveals for the Saiyan Showdown set has been entrusted to Twitch streamer EspiraTV, who was joined by CrossWorldTCG, StageZero, UniXDBS and NoCounter NoCombos. 

The Saiyan Showdown set will have four SCRs, which is a first for the DBS CG. Although the SCRs of any given set can be quite uniform when it comes to artwork, it is clear that these new cards all belong to the same set. 

Saiyan Showdown SCR

Each of the cards have four Saiyan characters grouped together. The first one shows the most evil of the warrior race, with Goku Black heading the charge. The second shows the Vermillion Saiyans as seen in the Dragon Ball Heroes series, and the final has the four female Saiyans, with Pan clearly missing. 

So far, we only have three confirmed SCRs revealed, with the final one being shared on Wednesday 27th. What is interesting about this final card is that Bandai has promised a ‘special guest’ character. This has sparked the imagination of the DBS CG community, who have been sharing their speculations. Many believe that we will see a crossover character from another franchise like Naruto or Digimon, as Bandai own the rights to their TCGs.

Others have suggested that the guest could be a character from another Dragon Ball title, such as Shallot or Giblet from the DragonBall Legends mobile game, who would fit into the set’s Saiyan theme nicely.  A fun suggestion from me, which I won’t hold much hope for, would be a card called ‘The Absorbed Saiyans’, which focuses on Cell, Fin after absorbing Gogeta and Buu after absorbing Gohan. 

Although it’s exciting to think outside of the box when guessing the identity of the last SCR, for the character to fit in with the rest of SCRs and the theme of the set, they would have to be part of the Saiyan race. This eliminates the likelihood of it being a cross-franchised character. An image has surfaced of ‘Pan, Time Patrol Maiden’, which looks likely to be the final SCR of the set as it would fit in with the “special guest” hint and the fact that Pan has not appeared in any of the other SCRs. 

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