Should you grade your Digimon TCG cards?

Grade Digmon TCG

Getting your prized cards graded with services like PSA through Ludkins Collectables has been growing in popularity in recent years among most TCGs. For many people, grading is considered an investment, while others choose to grade solely because they really enjoy a particular card. A question many Digimon TCG fans are currently asking themselves is whether it is worth getting their cards graded yet, especially as the game is still in its infancy.

The Age Of The Game

In recent years, Pokemon’s popularity has continued to grow most recently fuelled by YouTubers Like Leonhart and Logan Paul. This has resulted in certain card prices skyrocketing, especially when dealing with 1st editions like the base set Charizard that recently sold for $390,000 (£283,000). Magic The Gathering! is even older, with a Black Lotus Alpha selling at auction for $511,100 (£370,000)  earlier this year. So how are these cards achieving such unbelievable worth? Well, one reason is because of their very limited print runs at the time, and the second reason is that the pristine condition copies have fallen into scarcity over the last two and a half decades. 

With the Digimon TCG not even a year old yet, those hoping to grade cards that will be worth hundreds of thousands will be waiting a very long time. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Digimon cards don’t have the potential of reaching incredible values in the future. If we take a look at Bandai’s other TCG, the Dragon Ball Super CG, there are a number of cards that are now worth hundreds and even thousands, if graded high enough. This increase in the market has only happened over the last 4 years since its release. If the Digimon TCG achieves the same amount of popularity, with its Tournament Packs and early Boosters Sets going out of print, it is likely that certain cards could greatly increase in value, as long as the popularity continues to grow. 

To read about how Digimon will fare up against other TCGs, head over to our article – Will the Digimon TCG be as popular as other leading TCGs?

It’s Not All About Value

If you are grading your favourite cards solely because you like them and are not focusing on them increasing in value, then grading your cards will be an easy decision to make. You will be able to find out the quality of your cards and have them protected forever inside the grading slab. When thinking about things from this point of view, it will be a pleasant surprise if your card happens to rise in value, although that may not make a difference to you at all. 

New Market

One of the biggest problems with grading your cards as an investment is that the game doesn’t have a strong enough market yet, as it’s still new. Other leading TCGs have long-established markets that help those grading as an investment to make an educated decision on how the growth in value will be. The obvious risk with grading your Digimon TCG cards is that their value is only as good as the current market. If the game was to die off in the coming years, then the prices of some of the more sought after cards now could drop as low as the price paid to get them graded in the first place. The thing is, no one has a crystal ball that will tell you if the Digimon TCG will always be popular, no more so than other TCGs had when they began. With new games, a lot of faith is required when choosing to grade from an investment point of view. This could result in an incredible payoff in the future if the game follows in the same footsteps of its sister TCG, the DBS CG.

Which Digimon Cards Are Worth Getting Graded?

With only ‘Special Booster 1.0 ‘and  ‘Special Booster 1.5’ currently out, a few cards that you may consider grading are:

Alternate Arts –

Some of the Digimon TCG alt art cards have some seriously incredible artwork that will look fantastic in a slab display. This includes, but is not limited to, cards like Lilithmon (BT3-091), Piedmon (BT2-080), Beelzemon (BT2-111), BlackWarGreymon (BT2-112) and Ceresmon (BT3-056). Because of their increased rarity, the values of these cards are steadily rising. 

grade digimon tcg

SEC Rares –

Because Secret Rares are among the most valuable in the game, especially the alternate art versions, it’s no surprise that people are looking to get them graded. Some popular cards at the moment are BlackWarGreymon (BT2-112), MetalGreymon (BT1-114) and the Imperialdramon Dragon Mode (BT3-111) cards.  

grade digimon tcg

Tournament Vol 1 Cards –

The ‘Tournament Pack Vol 1’ prize cards are very sought after, especially by those looking to complete the entire set on 12. As time goes on, these cards will become increasingly scarce and will only increase in value, much like the DBS CG counterparts. Out of the set, many may look to get the alternate art prize cards graded like the Metalgreymon (St1-09), Zudomon (St2-09), Angewomon (St3-09) and MegaKabuterimon (Bt1-076).

grade digimon tcg

Fan Favourites –

Those who love the anime series may want to get the card versions of their favourite Digimon graded and displayed. Maybe there is a Digivolution chain that you really like, which would look really great going up in order. 

Omnimons – 

Some of the most popular cards among collectors at the moment seem to be Omnimons. These include Omnimon (BT1-084) and its alternate art version, as well as Omnimon Alter-S (BT3-112) and its alternate art version. With new Omnimon cards coming to the game in future boosters, including Omnimon Zwart, many collectors may be keen to get their early version graded now.

Should You Buy Cards Now? 

Because the TCG is new, market prices are relatively low for Digimon, with the most expensive cards like the alt art ‘Omnimon (BT1-084)’ and ‘Omnimon Alter-S (BT13-112)’ currently selling for around $150 (£120). This means that now is the time to buy the cards you want to collect and get graded, while the prices can still be considered less of a risk for investors. There is always the chance that the raw cards will decrease in value if the reprints of ‘Special Booster 1.0’ and ‘Special Booster 1.5’ balance out the market, but if you manage to score a 9 or 10 with your submissions, then your graded cards will be worth a lot more than the ungraded equivalent. 

If You Are Unsure About Grading

If you are unsure whether to grade your Digimon cards or not, you can always keep hold of them until you’re ready to submit them. If you do that, however, make sure that you keep your cards in a clean and dry place and always protected by Deck Protectors, Card Savers or Top Loaders. It is also paramount that they stay out of direct sunlight to avoid bleaching and warping. 
To learn more about protecting your cards, check out our article – How to protect and store your trading cards.

Although you may decide to get your rarest and most expensive cards graded, to prevent disappointment, there are things you may want to consider when it comes to assessing the quality of your cards. To learn about what graders of TCGs look out for, check out our beginner guide here

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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