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Special Anniversary Box 2021 Top Picks

The DBS CG Anniversary Boxes are the perfect way to celebrate another year of our favourite TCG. Although every year has been fantastic for the game, 2021 has definitely come with its trials, with the Pandemic forcing worldwide event cancellations and product delays. Luckily, Bandai has been making an active effort to provide the community with new and exciting ways to enjoy the DBS CG throughout this tough time, which includes the 2021 Anniversary Box. Now that the Special Anniversary Box has been out almost a week in the US, in this article, we will share with you our top picks and discuss why they stand out to us. 

Great Ape Son Goku, Saiyan Instincts 

This card has been reprinted a number of times and for good reason – it is a fantastic card. Sending two cards to the warp and spending two energy lets you draw two cards, which is a really good trade-off. 

The artwork of the card is incredible, portraying the moment Goku went ape at the World Martial Arts Tournament. In this card, Goku has the updated anime style while the main building looks more like the traditional style seen in the original Dragon Ball series. 

Special Anniversary Box 2021

SS4 Broly, Prismatic Burst 

‘SS4 Broly, Prismatic Burst’ makes our list for his silky and luxurious hair alone! The appearance of this Broly is like nothing we have seen before, having an almost regal look. The fine detailing really adds to this piece, with each individual hair covering his body and head distinguishable if you look close enough. 

God of Destruction Toppo, Skillbreaker

Before watching the Dragon Ball Super anime, it would have been hard to believe that people would one day root for Frieza to win a battle, let alone feel bad for him when Toppo was crushing his skull. 

The artwork of this card is really impressive, with the battle damage giving them almost a pencil sketch effect. Toppo looks menacing and powerful, which is only amplified by Frieza’s hanging limp body. 

Special Anniversary Box 2021

Prismatic Burst Cards

All of the ‘Prismatic Burst’ cards coming with the Special Anniversary Box 2021 all show the SS4 forms of Goku, Gohan, Vegeta and Bardock unleashing their attacks. Side by side, these cards all look uniform and epic, with the different colour backgrounds, that match the energy colour of each card, giving just enough contrast.

Special Anniversary Box 2021

Yamcha the Lawless

Yamcha doesn’t get much love in the Dragon Ball series, but in the DBS CG, fans of the desert bandit welcome any new cards. This card is one huge throwback to the very beginning of the Dragon Ball story, which began 35 years ago. In the background, we see Goku as a young boy, Bulma discovering the four-star ball at Grandpa Gohan’s house and Yamcha’s faithful friend Puar. This card has always been a nice 2-cost card for an Earthling/Yamcha based red deck, allowing you to draw a card and get a 30k Double Striker for just two energy.

Skillsteal Cheelai 

The artwork for this Cheelai Super Combo card is super colourful, psychedelic and captures the anime culture. This card’s Combo ability to KO a skill-less card (which includes tokens) will be extremely helpful in play. 

Cheelai has risen to fan favourite status despite only appearing in one movie. As the Broly movie is canon, we may see more of this character in the anime in the near future, which will hopefully lead to more fantastic cards. 

Zamasu, Teamwork Undying

‘Zamasu, Teamwork Undying’ just looks incredible in this full art. The purple and green colours used in the background, along with the blurred aspects, reflect the tone of the “Future” Trunks Saga. The card’s in play abilities are also really great, letting players gain 4 markers and stop an attack on turn 3. 

The Special Anniversary Box 2021 will be rolling out to the rest of the world shortly, with the official Dragon Ball Super CG website giving a September 17th release date for European fans, following delays. To learn more about the most recent delays, you can click here. If you would like to see all of the alternate art reprint cards that can be pulled from the Special Anniversary Packs coming with this product, head over to our article here

To learn more about other special collections released by Bandai, head over to our article – The DBS CG Collector’s Selection Vol. 1. To keep up to date with all future DBS CG products and updates, make sure you follow Ludkins media on  Instagram and Facebook.

Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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