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SS2 Trunks, Heroic Prospect – Does this card really need ANOTHER reprint?

With the release of the DBS CG Mythic Booster, we now know all the cards coming with this brand new reprint set. Among them are many staple decks cards, including ‘SS2 Trunks, Heroic Prospect’, which will be getting its 5th version. Although this is a popular and versatile card for blue players, does this card really need another reprint, especially considering the original card only came out last year? 

‘SS2 Trunks, Heroic Prospect’ became a staple card straight after its release in Tournament Pack 1, although only those who participated in tournaments had the chance of acquiring it. This led to the first copies selling for between $30 and $60. Now, it seems that Bandai are looking to even out the playing field by allowing all players, not just those who go to tournaments, the chance to use this card. When asking for player feedback earlier this year, fans of the DBS CG expressed that they would prefer to see reprints in Tournament and Event Packs, and not powerful original cards that would give an unfair advantage or hike the prices of the limited copies on the market. With this recent push to reprint hard to get staple cards, it seems like Bandai has listened to its competitive community. Another reason why this card has found itself in the Mythic Booster is that it was among the most voted for during Bandai surveys, despite already having so many versions. 

Tournament Pack Versions

The first ‘SS2 Trunks, Heroic Prospect’ released inside the first Unison Warrior Series Tournament Pack, awarded at events in July 2020. In the Winner Tournament Pack Vol.1, an alternate art foiled version was included, along with three other cards.

SS2 Trunks Heroic Prospect

Player’s Choice Campaign Pack Version

The next reprint of this card came with the alternate art Campaign Pack, which was entirely made up of cards voted for by the players of the game. These packs were given to those participating in events taking place at pre-registered stores during March 2021. This full art card included a unique metal effect foiled background and saw Trunks wielding his iconic sword.

SS2 Trunks Heroic Prospect

Event Pack 8 Version

Event Pack 8 was available between September and October 2021 for those participating in the online regionals. Previously, the championships were in-person events but became remote events earlier in the year due to the restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Each Event Pack came with 10 reprinted cards that had alternate art backgrounds and a set stamp on them.

Mythic Booster Version

The Mythic Booster will bring the 5th alternate art of ‘SS2 Trunks, Heroic Prospect’, which will come with gold text and detailing. This is arguably the best-looking artwork of all of its variations, with a powered-up Trunks seemingly slicing through reality while storming into battle. 

SS2 Trunks Heroic Prospect

So why has this card gotten its 5th version, especially with the last two variations releasing only months apart? Well, ‘SS2 Trunks, Heroic Prospect’ was first released in a tournament pack, which then went on to have a reprint in a campaign and event pack. Although this offered alternative ways to get this card, they are still not easily accessible to everyone, especially those who don’t go to tournaments or take part in store events. With the latest reprint coming with the Mythic Booster, far more people will get a chance of getting it. 

Staple deck cards always get expensive, as supply and demand is how TCG markets work. This could be one of the reasons why we have had so many reprints of this card, as the previous reprints have also crept in value and become harder to source. From a collector’s point of view, older versions of ‘SS2 Trunks, Heroic Prospect’ will still hold their value. Players will most likely choose to go for the Mythic Booster version, as it will be easier to pull or buy, and most likely cheaper. If you are interested in following this card’s performance on the DBS CG market, as well as the other Mythic Booster cards, keep an eye out for our regular market analysis articles. 

the Dragon Ball Super Mythic Booster has already been released in many regions, with North America having to wait until January 14th. To learn more about this set and the must-have reprints coming with it, check out our articles below – 

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