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Starter Decks Jesmon and RagnaLoardmon first cards revealed!

Yesterday, we shared the first information on the upcoming Digimon Card Game Starter decks that would focus on Jesmon and RagnaLoardmon. While we got a sneak peek of what the boxes would look like, we had no idea about the box art. Fortunately, just a day later, both starter decks and their focus Digimon cards have been revealed on the Fun Digica YouTube channel

Starter Decks Jesmon and RagnaLoardmon will release on April 22nd in Japan and October 14th for the English version of the Digimon Card Game. This could be around the same time that BT-10: Xros Encounter releases, as by that point the X-Record booster would have been out for several months. 

Jesmon and RagnaLoardmon decks

We are yet to get the full card list for these Starter Decks, although both Jesmon and RagnaLoardmon have been revealed, alongside Sistermon Noir that will come with ST12: Jesmon. It will be interesting to see if this card is censored in the English version of the game and substituted for a Sistermon Ciel, just like we saw with the Double Diamond booster

Jesmon and RagnaLoardmon decks
Jesmon (ST12-10)
[When Digivolved] <BLITZ>
[When Attacking] You may play one card with “Sistermon” in its name from your hand without paying for its play cost.
[Your Turn] <1/TURN> When you put another Digimon into play via effects, until the end of the turn, this Digimon gets DP+3000,
Jesmon and RagnaLoardmon decks
Sistermon Noir (ST12-13)
[When Played] Open the top 3 cards of your deck. Search for 1 Digimon with ‘Huckmon’ in its name or ‘Royal Knights’ in its traits and add it to your hand. Trash the remaining of the cards.
[Both Turns] All of your Digimon with ‘Huckmon’ in it’s name or ‘Royal Knights’ traits gain <Reboot>.
Jesmon and RagnaLoardmon decks
Ragnalordmon (ST13-06)
<JOGRESS: Red LV6 + Black LV6>
[When Evolved] <Blitz> When Jogress Evolve, for every 4 evolution source in this Digimon, delete 1 of your opponent Digimon with 20 play cost or less and trash the top card of your opponent’s security stack.
[Both Players’ Turns] <1/TURN> When the number of cards in your or your opponent’s security stack is reduced, unsuspend this Digimon

Before the release of these two Starter Decks, Tamers will get their hands on the Ultimate Ancient Dragon and Tactician from Another World starter decks, as well as the Special Entry Set, which is designed to help new players get started in an easier format. Gammamon, a Digimon who was introduced in the Ghost Game anime series, will front ST11 The Special Entry Set, as well as some old favourites such as Agumon and Biyomon. ST11 will also come with two memory gauges and a nice deck box with the Gammamon artwork on the front. To learn about all the upcoming Digimon Card Game products, check out the links below – 

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A closer look at the Parallel World Tactician Starter Deck

A closer look at the Ultimate Ancient Dragon Starter Deck

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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