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Supreme Rivalry – New DBS CG Set Revealed!

Supreme Rivalry Revealed

Not only did Bandai inadvertently turn two of their event-exclusive videos into a meme after replaying them far too many times, but they also shared some exciting details about their new set Supreme Rivalry.

Following the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 12-hour live event, a number of announcements were made about multiple games in the DBS franchise. For the DBS CG, a brand new set was revealed!

Supreme Rivalry Set Art

Supreme Rivalry Set

Bandai has revealed that a brand new set is coming to the Dragon Ball Super CG. The 4th set in the Unison Warriors series will be called Supreme Rivalry and will focus on the raging battle between the Saiyans and the Dark Empire. Enemies such as Frieza, the Boujack Brigade and the Dark King will all face off against Saiyans young and old, in a battle that could see the universe fall into darkness. 

There will be three SCRs to collect from Supreme Rivalry, each of which connects to make a larger image. The set will be released in May and will introduce brand new characters into the DBS CG. 

The first Secret Rare of Supreme Rivalry was exclusively revealed after the Battle Hour Event, showing ‘Robelu, Demigra’s Secretary’. As you may expect, this Black card works with Demigra and the Dark Over Realm skill. 

Robelu, Demigra's Secretary Card Revealed - Supreme Rivalry

More reveals of Supreme Rivalry have been promised in the near future.

The Exhibition Tournament Winner

The winner of the DBS CG Exhibition Tournament was Bryan Samuels from North America, who was awarded one of the very first ‘Battle Hour’ trophies, along with the other winners of the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour Live event. 

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