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Target responds to violence by pulling Pokemon TCG

Over the last few months, there has been a considerable increase in scalpers buying up TCG cards with the intent to sell them on for a profit. While this has been an ongoing issue plaguing the Pokemon TCG community, a serious incident that recently happened in a US Target store has resulted in the retail chain pulling all Pokemon TCG products from their stores.

Due to many trading card manufacturers and distributors feeling the strain of the Covid-19 pandemic, most popular TCGs have seen massive product shortages worldwide. With many people having to stay home due to the pandemic, more and more new collectors have turned to the Pokemon TCG for something to do with their spare time. This has only intensified the problem and caused product prices to soar on the secondary market. Some people looking to take advantage of this situation have resorted to buying up as much TCG product as possible in order to sell it for a much higher price. This behaviour was seen with the McDonalds Happy Meal Promotion, which saw scalpers buying them up just for the packs and throwing the food away. 

On May 7th, a 35-year old man was physically assaulted by four men during an argument about one of the sport TCGs, with one of them taking out a legally carried firearm. Fortunately, no shots were fired and the four men were later arrested near the Target. 

Target initially responded to the scalping behaviour by limiting MLB, NBA, NFL and Pokemon cards to just one item per guest, per day. Although these rules were strict, it seems that they were not enough to prevent the problem from escalating further. Following the violent attack outside of their store in Brookfield, Wisconsin, Target have decided to pull Pokemon cards, as well as other sport TCGs, from their stores entirely. 

Target Pulls Pokemon TCG Cards

The statement released by Target reads: 

To ensure the safety of our guests and team members, MLB, NFL, NBA, and Pokemon Trading Cards will no longer be sold in stores until further notice.

Although these cards will not be sold in stores, they are still available on their online store. It is unknown whether other TCGs like the Digimon TCG and Yu-Gi-Oh will be the next to be pulled. 

To read an alternative opinion on scalping, check out DJGigabyte’s guest article here

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