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The 10 Most Valuable Digimon TCG Cards Of 2021

Does it pay to play? 

The Digimon TCG may be a new kid on the block, but that hasn’t stopped it from establishing a healthy market presence in just one year. Launching the TCG during the COVID-19 pandemic was unfortunate although even that hasn’t affected the growth of its popularity. In fact, due to people having to stay at home during lockdown, many have turned to TCGs as a way to fill their time and revisit franchises from their youth. This led to a lot of interest very early on in the launch of the Digimon TCG and helped identify the high-value booster pack cards. Now, as the year draws to a close, we are seeing a very different landscape dominated by tournament associated cards whose value reflects the exclusivity of how they are obtained. 

10. Chaosmon – BT4-090 (Store Finalist)

Source – Store Championship (September/October)

Value – $70 

Having a Local Store Championship held online may sound a little crazy, but that’s where we are right now with the pandemic – I mean, people were hoarding the first three Starter Decks this year as much as they were toilet paper back in March 2020. The finalist at these events got this variation of Chaosmon with a nice gold ‘Store Finalist’ stamp on it. 

9. WarGreymon – ST1-11 (Alternate Art)

Source – Evolution Cup 2021 Event Pack (July)

Value – $75$100

Not everyone who entered the July Evolution Cup can be top placers. Fortunately, Bandai doesn’t mind playing Oprah when it comes to their events, giving participants a number of freebies, including the July Event Pack – “You get an Event Pack! You get an Event Pack! Everyone gets an Event Pack!” 

8. Omnimon – BT1-084 (Alternate Art)

Source –  Special Release Booster 1.0 (Febuary) 

Value – $80$100

For the first six months, the Alternate Art Omnimon from the Special Booster 1.0  ruled supreme, with both versions of Omnimon Alter-S and Lilithmon following closely behind. That all changed when the competitive season kicked off with the Premier TO and Evolution Cup events in July, which injected a number of high-value cards onto the market, with the most valuable reaching four figures in just three months.

The overall winner of the Evolution Cup also got their hands on four more of these special packs, which increased their chances of pulling the top cards, such as this WarGreymon. 

7. LordKnightmon – BT5-045 (Alternate Art)

Source – Evolution Cup 2021 Event Pack (July)

Value – $80$130 

Another Event Pack card holding a similar value to our previous entry, LordKnightmon does see a good amount of play in certain yellow decks. Nobody knows how long these 2021 Event Pack cards will take a top spot in the most valuable cards list, but I think the most pressing question is – how can LordKnightmon smell that rose through a helmet?  

6. AeroVeedramon BT2-028 (Alternate Art)

Source – DC-1 Grand Prix (September/October)

Value – $150$200

The Digimon TCG may be young but that hasn’t stopped it from hosting more games than the Olympics! The DC-1 Grand Prix is a large-scale event with a prize pool focusing on Veemon and his Digivolution chain. The top 32 players of this event will get this AeroVeedramon BT2-028 reprint that looks ready to unleash a serious clobbering on whatever Digimon gets in its way! 

Most Valuable Digimon TCG Cards

5. Greymon – BT5-010 (Alternate Art) 

Source –  Premier TO Event & Evolution Cup (July) 

Value –  $300$350

Players skilled enough to land in the top 32 at the Premier TO and Evolution Cup events earned themselves this Alternate Art Greymon. When this card first came onto the market in July, it was selling for $400. That price has now settled, rarely selling for less than $300. 

4. Ghost Omnimon BT1-084

Source – Double Diamond (Released October 2021)

Value –  $500$700

Unless you’ve been living under a Golemon since the beginning of the Digimon TCG, Omnimon has become somewhat of a poster boy for the game. Well, all things must come to an end, and it seems that the curtain may be falling on the Royal Knight with this final jewel in the crown. 

It was was during the initial release of the Double Diamond set that ‘Ghost’ Omnimon achieved its highest values. On October 16th, a copy sold for $1925 after 16 bids.  Between November 10th and November 14th, raw copies of ‘Ghost’ Omnimon sold for around $1200, but by the end of that month, prices started to drop. Between November 24th and November 29th, multiple copies sold for $800.

Most Valuable Digimon TCG Cards
Most Valuable Digimon TCG Cards

3.  Wargreymon ST1-11 (Alternate Art) 

Source – Premier TO Event (July) 

Value – $900 – $1000 

A card that could make you break a sweat just by looking at it; this WarGreymon Alternate Art was awarded to the top 8 players of the Premier TO events. There are currently only 13 copies of this card in the PSA population, with only one of them achieving a PSA 10. The reason why it’s so tricky to get a 10 is due to the factory warping, which is a common problem with tournament cards. 

2. UlforceVeedramon BT2-032 

Source –  DC-1 Grand Prix (September/ October) 

Value – $1000$1200 

It’s still early days to value the UlforceVeedramon prize card which will be awarded to the top players of the DC-1 Grand Prix, but as this card is only handed out to the top 8 players of each event, it’s safe to use the Wargreymon Premier TO prize card to help with a ballpark estimate. 

Most Valuable Digimon TCG Cards
Most Valuable Digimon TCG Cards

1. Omnimon BT1-084 (Alternate Art)

Source – Evolution Cup (July/September)

Value – $3000 – $4000 (tentative)

Note: Due to this card’s rarity and lack of sales, it’s difficult to pinpoint an accurate value at the time of writing this article. The value mentioned reflects the EU market.

Despite looking like an angry parent telling you to turn your tv down at 3 am, this Omnimon reprint is awarded to the top two players of the Evolution Cup. These events are hosted bimonthly, which means that more chances to win it will arise in November.  It is unknown whether the frequency of the events will change its value going into the future, but as a trophy card, it is unlikely to see a substantial drop any time soon. 

It’s not unusual for Tournament exclusive cards to overshadow those pulled from booster packs when it comes to the TCG value hierarchy. The reason for this is simply because there are far fewer top prize cards in existence compared to the SEC Alternate Arts found in boosters. These cards are difficult for those competing to earn, let alone non-competitive collectors trying to scout copies for their collection. With the introduction of incredibly rare booster cards like ‘Ghost’ Omnimon, we may see more variety at the top of the market during 2022. 

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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