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The Arceus cards of Pokemon TCG: Brilliant Stars

Pokemon TCG: Brilliant Stars is just a few days away! Last week we took a look at the many Charizard cards available in Pokemon’s latest expansion. Today, we take a deeper look into the other chase cards from the set which give love to the god of Sinnoh, Arceus. Pokemon TCG: Brilliant Stars releases on February 25th 2022 and gives players and collectors alike six new Arceus cards to hunt for!

The regular V Arceus

There’s not much to say about Arceus V. It’s a pretty standard looking V card by N-Design Inc. that will be used for players to bring Arceus VSTAR into play. Arceus usually gets fantastic treatment from a card design perspective and even on this regular V card, there’s a beautiful cosmos in the background shining down from above. This card will be overlooked by most collectors but credit where credit is due, put a cosmos on a card and it always looks epic. 

Pokemon Brilliant Stars Arceus


The first of three VSTAR Arceus cards in Pokemon TCG: Brilliant Stars, this regular card is pretty damn nice! The pink and purple background alongside Arceus’s white and gold colours make for a nice card that should be pretty easy to pack. For players, the new VSTAR mechanic is exciting to test out and could become a staple moving forward. 

The Full Art V

What would make an Arceus V Full Art card incredible? A bright pink background that emphasises the outlines of the god of all Pokemon. The Full Art V cards from Brilliant Stars are genuinely some of the best we’ve seen in a while so whether you want Arceus, Charizard, or Pikachu there’s a good looking Full Art V to fit the bill!

Pokemon Brilliant Stars Arceus

The top tier Alternate Art V

Most of us have barely found time to eat after dropping hours if not days into Pokemon Legends Arceus. For fans of the newest Pokemon game on Nintendo Switch, Brilliant Stars delves into the world of Arceus with this illustration by Kawayoo that shows Arceus reigning supreme above the clouds. This card is arguably the best looking card of the whole set which is great for Arceus fans as I doubt it’ll be the most expensive.

Pokemon Brilliant Stars Arceus

The Gold one

What more does the god of all Pokemon need other than a blinged-out gold card? If you’re an Arceus fan then this VSTAR Gold is more than likely going to be the card you want to pull.

The Rainbow one…Yawn!

And another one… Arceus VSTAR Rainbow is probably the third-best Arceus VSTAR from Brilliant Stars but I guess it deserves some respect as it’s still one of Brilliant Stars Hyper Rares. Not a card I’m particularly excited for but if you’re a fan of Rainbow Rares then this is something for you!

Pokemon Brilliant Stars Arceus

Which Arceus from Pokemon TCG: Brilliant Stars is your favourite? To read more about Brilliant Stars and the other rare cards from the set, check out our Top 10 price guide.

Check out the Charizard cards of Brilliant Stars here.

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