The best Character Rare cards from VMAX Climax!

VMAX Climax cards

On December 3rd Japan’s latest High-Class expansion launched in the form of VMAX Climax. High-Class booster boxes give players and collectors alike a collection of some of the best cards from previous sets alongside new and exciting chase cards. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the amazing character rare cards that will not only be the most sought-after cards in VMAX Climax but also in Pokemon TCG Brilliant Stars when it launches in English on February 25th 2022.

Zekrom & N

Hot off the heels of drawing Mew’s Alternate Art VMAX in Fusion Strike, Akira Egawa is back with an amazing rendition of N riding on Zekrom’s back. This card screams epic as the legendary Pokemon breaks through the clouds with the sun shining in the background. There are similarities between this card and Pikachu & Zekrom GX Alternate Art from Tag Bolt and continues the trend of stellar Zekrom cards in Pokemon TCG.

VMAX Climax cards

Eevee & Bill

Who would’ve thought that 2021’s best Eevee card would not be part of Eevee Heroes? This fun-loving rendition of Bill and his Eevee shows the bond between Pokemon and trainer that makes character rare cards so addictive. Souichirou Gunjima has taken the concept for these cards and blown it out of the park, not only with this smiley and mischievous Eevee but also with our number one card on this list!

VMAX Climax cards

Flapple & Milo

Similar to Alternate Art Greedent V, special art cards give newer Pokemon a huge chance to shine. This beautiful watercolour-Esque artwork from VMAX Climax reminds me of the newly released Japan Post Pokemon promo cards and accentuates the art style to perfection. I don’t know anyone that says Flapple is their favourite Pokemon, so if you exist please speak up. That being said, this card is a genuine pleasure to stare at and I hope more of the yet to be revealed cards are drawn in a similar vein by Misoki Hashimoto.

VMAX Climax cards

Flaaffy & Elesa

Flaaffy gets more love after pre-release cards and a gold iteration in 2021, this time alongside Nimbasa Gym’s Elesa as she comes its luscious locks. This card is genius as it portrays Elesa grooming her Pokemon via a mirror with the art drawn from behind her shoulder. I’m a massive fan of clever artwork and this card is a prime example of intelligent placement. Is this the best Flaaffy card of the year? I think so. 

Charizard & Leon

The newly revealed Leon & Charizard card is sure to be a fan favourite combining Sword & Shield’s champion alongside the poster child for Pokemon TCG. I want it, you want it, we all want it!


Duraludon VMAX & Raihan

The scale on this card is unreal. I sometimes feel like cards struggle to portray the sheer size of Gigantamax Pokemon especially when there isn’t much happening in the background to give that sense of scale. Akira Egawa has hit it out the park again with Raihan on top of a VMAX Duraludon mid-attack. This card screams menace!

Pikachu VMAX & Red

The best Character Super Rare to be revealed so far, this is potentially the best card of 2021 and the best Pikachu VMAX we’ve seen so far! Souichirou Gunjima returns with Red ready for battle as Pikachu VMAX overshadows him inside a battle arena. Pikachu VMAX has been a driving force in Pokemon TCG this year, whether that’s its rainbow form or Celebrations VMAX figure – Now we have the best one yet and a reason to pick up VMAX Climax or Brilliant Stars when it releases in February.

VMAX Climax cards

These are our favourite cards from VMAX Climax. This High-Class set is sure to end 2021 on a high and bring massive hype to the start of 2022 for Pokemon TCG! Have you managed to open some packs? What card are you chasing?

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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