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The best Rayquaza cards of all time!

Best Rayquaza Cards

With just over a week until the release of Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield — Evolving Skies, the anticipation is growing for arguably 2021’s best set. The title Pokemon for the set is generation 3’s legendary Rayquaza, so we thought we’d take a look at our top five Rayquaza cards of all time!

Disclaimer: This list is based off personal opinion as there are well over thirty different Rayquaza cards in Pokemon TCG. We’d love to hear your opinions on your favourite Rayquaza card and see your collections on Instagram!

Rayquaza Alternate Art VMAX — Evolving Skies

What better place to start than the upcoming Evolving Skies Alternate Art Rayquaza VMAX. Continuing on from Pokemon’s Sword & Shield alt art chase card success, the upcoming chase from Evolving Skies is the personally, the pinnacle of 2021 Pokemon cards. The artwork by Anesaki Dynamic is majestic with Rayquaza hovering over a forest below. The Japanese version of the card, released as part of Blue Sky Stream last month, currently sells for around $600USD raw and one of the first PSA 10s sold for $1100 this week. The English version of the card, as of writing, is still in pre-release which means prices are pretty elevated. Recent sales as of August 19th show prices in between $400 and $450 raw. With all modern Pokemon cards the prices are expected to drop as the set releases becomes more available. That being said, this card is a modern classic in my opinion and is a must for any Rayquaza collector.

Best Rayquaza Cards

Full Art Rayquaza EX — Roaring Skies

This textured full art shows Rayquaza’s full snake-like body with a gold outline to match, making it a personal favourite when it comes to modern Rayquaza cards. Released as part of Evolving Skies’ older sibling Roaring Skies, the card is worth around $1500 in a PSA 10 due to its current population of 20 on the PSA registry. These Full Art EX cards from the XY era are slowly gaining in popularity and are definitely some of our personal favourites when it comes to artwork.

Best Rayquaza Cards

Rayquaza — Call of Legends

Originally released in 2010, Call of Legends is the only expansion to not be released in Japan. The set gets its name from the shiny legendary Pokemon scattered throughout, and Rayquaza is one of the best. The Japanese version of the card is a limited promo released through the Legendary Pokemon Present Campaign lottery which rewarded 5000 winners with a copy of the card – You can read up more on the Japanese lottery cards here.

Rayquaza C LV.X — Supreme Victors

Cynthia’s Rayquaza released in August 2009 as part of Supreme Victors, with an alternate art version releasing as a Black Star Promo in September of the same year. LV.X cards are some of the best artworks from Pokemon TCG’s history, thanks to their way of portraying the Pokemon “escaping” from the card art. With a beautiful holofoil that goes around the border of the card, it’s no surprise that the Rayquaza C LV.X is on this list. There are currently 31 PSA 10s of the Supreme Victors Rayquaza C LV.X and only one Black Star Promo DP47, making these cards incredibly elusive in a gem mint condition.

Rayquaza Gold Star — EX Deoxys

A Rayquaza list wouldn’t be complete without the holy grail of Rayquaza in Pokemon TCG. The Rayquaza Gold Star is illustrated by Masakazu Fukuda who used different angles and the EX style of art to give a 3D effect to the Pokemon as they protrude the card frames on all 27 English Gold Stars. Gold Stars are incredibly rare, with a pull rate (depending on the set) of one Gold Star every two booster boxes. Considering that sealed booster boxes of the EX era of Pokemon currently sell for tens of thousands of dollars, it’s no wonder Gold Stars are so expensive to obtain. After the highs of Pokemon TCG’s boom over the last year, Gold Star Rayquaza in a PSA 10 now sells for over $40,000.

Best Rayquaza Cards

This is our top five Rayquaza cards, but we want to hear your thoughts. Let us know on Instagram your favourite Rayquaza card from your collection!

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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