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The best WOTC Pokemon TCG set revealed – Readers choice’

Best WOTC Pokemon Set

Happy Pokemon Day 2021 everyone! Throughout the last week, we’ve held a “March Madness” style bracket to determine our readers’ favourite Wizards of the Coast “WOTC” Pokemon TCG set of all time. We received over 5000 votes on our Instagram and can now reveal that Base Set takes the crown after defeating Skyridge with 64% of the vote.

WOTC Pokemon Most popular

Unsurprisingly, the OG 1999 Pokemon cards are the most popular with the most nostalgic and publicised artwork appealing to collectors and casual Pokemon fans alike. So what is it that makes Base Set the king of WOTC booster packs?

Released in 1999, Base Set was the first Pokemon TCG set released in English and has become synonymous with the boom in Pokemon stock over the last 12 months. First Edition booster boxes are the “Holy Grail” of sealed collections with one selling for a record-breaking $450,000 this month.

Fittingly this evening could be the biggest Pokemon TCG event in history when Logan Paul opens up his First Edition Base Set booster that sold for over $1 million through Goldin Auctions.

In terms of the rest of the field, Skyridge managed to beat Neo Genesis to make its way into the final and claim the silver spot. Skyridge, released in 2003 in English, was the last ever Pokemon TCG set made by WOTC before Nintendo began producing the cards. The set had a small print run as popularity in Pokemon was dwindling at the time but the E-Series set provides incredible artwork throughout making it a fan favourite for those that weren’t even involved back in 2003.

Whilst Base Set winning this tournament is no surprise, this was a really enjoyable and exciting way to crown a 25th Anniversary victor, bringing the community together and getting lots of you involved.

In the future, we’ll look to do more of these types of social media competitions to allow our readers to get their voices heard.

Thank you to everyone for taking part in this fun event and helping Ludkins Media continue to provide the content we think everyone deserves.

Happy Pokemon Day to you all!

Stay tuned for more info related to #Pokemon25 via Ludkins Media on Instagram and Facebook.

John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor

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