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SWSH Ultra Premium Collection – Charizard V, VMAX, and VSTAR Promos

The Charizard V, VMAX, and VSTAR Promos that will be included in the SWSH Ultra Premium Collection have been revealed, and they do not disappoint! These artworks will also come in the Japanese VSTAR Universe set releasing in December. 

The SWSH Ultra Premium Collection, which releases on October 28th, will have a focus on one of the most popular Pokemon in the franchise, Charizard. The SWSH Ultra Premium Collection will cost around $120 but will include the Charizard V, Charizard VMAX, and Charizard VSTAR ‘etched’ cards. It will also include a Gigantamax Charizard playmat, 65 card sleeves with Gigantamax Charizard artwork,  a metal coin, two metal condition markers, six metallic damage-counter dice,  an acrylic VSTAR marker, 16 boosters from the Sword & Shield series, a player’s guide and a Pokemon TCG Live code.

SWSH Ultra Premium Collection
SWSH Ultra Premium Collection

Due to the popularity of Charizard-themed products and cards, it is likely that scalpers may gravitate toward this product and make it increasingly difficult to source following its release. Charizard has been a popular Pokemon since the release of the very first base set Zard, who has seen an incredible amount of releases in the Sword & Shield era alone. Are you happy to see more of this fan favourite? Or do you think it’s time for the Pokemon Company to move away from their safe seller?

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