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The Charizards of Pokemon TCG: Brilliant Stars

When it comes to Pokemon TCG nothing sells a new expansion more than everyone’s most feared Fire starter. Charizard has been the go-to chase card for Pokemon TCG fans since its inception in English dating back to 1999. The latest English Pokemon TCG set, Brilliant Stars released on February 25th 2022 and gives players and collectors alike five new Charizards to hunt for!

The run of the mill Charizard V

Starting with Charizard V, this iteration of the fire-lizard is as basic a Charizard as you will find in today’s Pokemon TCG. The artwork by N-DESIGN Inc. is computer generated and will likely be nice and cheap straight out the gate for players wanting to build a playable Charizard deck. The great thing about any Charizard card is the excitement that they cantering for fans of all ages. Whether Charizard V is the rarest card or the most common, any kid that pulls a Charizard from a pack will beam with excitement making this card a great entry point for parents wanting to chase Charizards with their children. 

The brand-new Charizard

The next Charizard available in the main setlist of Brilliant Stars brings in VSTAR, a brand-new mechanic for TCG players. The first thing to note with this card is that you should not pay over the odds on the secondary market as prices will dip like regular VMAX cards post-release. In terms of the card itself, the gold detailing of the VSTAR is awesome and one of the main reasons why its more sought-after Rainbow version looks so good. 

The traditional Charizard

The next Charizard on this list is a great Full Art V that uses the striking orange colour of Pokemon TCG’s favourite set seller to make a vibrant full art card. Many will overlook this card due to the other Charizard’s available in Brilliant Stars but I think this is a fantastic middle ground for those looking for a decently priced Charizard to add to their collection. This card reminds me of the Charizard V promo found in Champion’s Path ETBs and will make for a great companion for a display if you already own one of those. 

Brilliant Stars most expensive

The anime Charizard

Originally leaked at the end of last year, this Charizard card is one of the best we’ve seen in years. Charizard V Alternate Art 154/172 by Ryota Murayama looks like something plucked straight from the anime as Charizard avoids a vine whip from Venusaur. For many Charizard V, Alternate Art is the standout chase card from Brilliant Stars, others have even said it’s the best modern Charizard artwork of all time!

Another Rainbow Charizard 

With prices still up in the air, Charizard VSTAR Rainbow Hyper Rare is currently the most exprnsive card from Brilliant Stars. This Charizard is the first rainbow Charizard since Champion’s Path which was released in September 2020, add that to the new VSTAR mechanic and this card is high in demand. Some people love Rainbows and others can’t stand them, this is unlikely to make too much of a difference to the demand for this card however with everyone and their Eevees searching for the number 1 Brilliant Stars Charizard.

Brilliant Stars most expensive

Which Charizard from Pokemon TCG: Brilliant Stars is your favourite? To read more about Brilliant Stars and the other rare cards from the set, check out our Top 10 price guide.

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