The creepiest cards in the Digimon TCG

For some of us, looking at the artwork of the Digimon TCG teleports us back to the good times we had watching the anime. Whether it is the heartwarming relationship between the Digidestined or the recurring theme of good toppling the forces of evil, it brings back feelings of nostalgia and comfort. The thing is, the evil being defeated oftentimes sent shivers down our spines.

Ghost Digimon

If you were asked to think about something scary, the first thing that may come to mind are ghosts. Well, the Digimon TCG certainly has some of those in the form of Ghostmon and Bakemon. The Ghostmon card is absolutely perfect for Halloween, with the creepy mansion, the pumpkins and the spooky Digimon coming to drag you to the grave! This card has some serious Tim Burton ‘Nightmare Before Christmas” vibes, especially the lamp hanging off the curled tree in the background. When it comes to Bakemon, however,  it seems like he is more scared of the Demimeramon surrounding him. 

creepiest Digimon TCG Cards


The female version of Devimon, LadyDevimon,  is another Digimon that looks like it belongs in a Tim Burton movie. This card has some seriously creepy vibes – sitting on her coffin waiting for her next victim to arrive. 


Digimon’s answer to Steven King’s IT is definitely Piedmon. He is ruthless, creepy and capable of splitting your sides… not just with his jokes. Piedmon was the ultimate villain during the first series of Digimon and was the leader of the Dark Masters. 

creepiest Digimon TCG Cards

The classic Digi-Monsters – 

Everybody knows the classic monsters from the old movies. They have been referenced in everything from WB’s Supernatural to Scooby-Doo, with the Digimon TCG also happy to welcome the ghoulish gang. There is Mummymon, who embraces the modern age by arming himself with a gun, Myotismon, who embodies a certain blood-sucking Count, Boltmon, who is a construct which is most certainly “alive”, and Weregarurumon, who can be seen howling at the moon in this card. 

creepiest Digimon TCG Cards


Although this Digimon’s name sounds like he knows how to cut a rug, he is actually inspired by the Boogieman – a scary story that has terrified many children around the campfire. The design of Boogiemon is interesting, looking like a classic devil cartoon with a pointed tail and three-pronged spear. 

creepiest Digimon TCG Cards


Speak of the devil – Devimon is another satan inspired Digimon who looks like he is walking straight out of a nightmare in this card art. They do say that evil comes in many forms, which is fitting, as so does Devimon. Jaws is the least of your worries when MarineDevimon is lurking beneath the waves, while DanDevimon looks like he crawled straight out of a Spiderman comic book. 

creepiest Digimon TCG Cards


Those who watched the original Digimon series may have the image of a crazed Meramon rushing down the slipe etched into their psyche. The illustrator of this Digimon TCG card has done a good job of portraying the nightmare fuel that is Meramon. 

creepiest Digimon TCG Cards


Imagine if the last thing you saw was VenomMyotismon reaching out for you just before dragging you away to the darkest corner of the Digital World.


 According to the song, season don’t fear the reaper, but Digimon certainly fear Phantomon. This Digimon was first seen in the original Digimon anime series, where he was a top henchman for Myotismon, tasked with the job of driving his carriage. 


So, Pumpkinmon doesn’t exactly look menacing in the card art below, but as a pumpkin with an axe sticking out of his head, he does deserve a mention on Halloween. 

creepiest Digimon TCG Cards

Honourable Mentions –

Although we have listed some of the creepiest cards in the Digimon TCG, there are many Digimon that deserve an honourable mention. This includes Armageddemon, Diaboromon, Megidramon, Devidramon, Cyberdramon and Andromon. 

creepiest Digimon TCG Cards

There are plenty of products scheduled for 2022, with many of them no doubt adding a little creepiness to the Digimon Card Game’s vast library. To learn more about these upcoming products, check out the links below – 

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