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The DBS CG Championships Return! – What to Expect in 2021

DBS CG 2021 Championships

2020 was filled with frustration, confusion and upset when it came to the DBS CG championships. Due to COVID-19 spreading throughout the world, most TCG events were abruptly cancelled, leaving many players feeling disheartened and nervous about the future of competitive play going into 2021. 

On January 12th, however, Shenron granted the wish of a Championship return, allowing worthy players to compete for those coveted promotional packs and winner cards. Although the community can rejoice at this news, some notable changes have been made to make the Championship viable amid a global pandemic. 

The Announcement – How Will Things Change?

Although the Championship has returned, it has come back with a very different format to what players were previously used to. In the past, players would start off at their local Store championship, then move onto the Regionals and then the Final Championship. In 2020, those who reached the Finals were set to get an invite to the first-ever World Championship – an event that had to be cancelled. 

In the 2021 season, there are three ways you can earn your place in the Finals without having to follow a set path like previous competitions. These formats include the ‘Unison Warrior 4’ Championship, Store Regionals and Online Regionals. This gives competitors a lot of flexibility when earning a Finals invite and could even see them compete in the very first World Championship later this year.

DBS 2021 Organized Play Schedule

Those who couldn’t take their rightful place at the 2020 Final Championship were invited to the 2021 Finals instead. This seems like a fair trade-off and means that players can enter Regional and UW4 Championship events to compete for prizes without worrying about placing high enough for a Finals invite. It’s worth noting that those who already have a place in the finals cannot hand down an invite if they were to win a second one. 

The Three Roads To The Finals

So, with the notable changes made to allow the Championship season to go forward this year, there could be some confusion about how to take part. There are three routes a player can take to go directly to the Finals and will depend solely on the COVID-19 restrictions in your area. 

UW4 Store Championship – 

People lucky enough to be living in an area where they can still attend in-store events can compete in the Unison Warrior 4 Championship. This event will take place in May and will reward all participants with two ‘2021 Championship Pack Vol.1’ and two ‘Event Pack 07’. Those skilled enough to claim victory at the event will get their hands on a ‘2021 Alternate Art Card Set Vol.1’ and an invite to the Finals. 

Store Regionals – 

Like the UW4 Store Championship, Store Regionals are held locally depending on COVID-19 restrictions. The prizes will be the same as those given to the winners of the Online Regionals, only with the convenience of not having to wait for your rewards to arrive in the mail. Currently, there is no site map for stores holding Regional events, so contacting local stores directly is the best course of action. 

Online Regionals –

If COVID-19 restrictions in your area mean that you cannot get out to your local store, don’t worry, there are always Online Regionals. Kicking off in March, Online Regionals will allow players to compete for greatness from the comfort of their home. Registration details will be arriving on the official DBSCG website and social media accounts very soon, so if you are planning on competing this year, keep an eye out for updates! 

Playing online might not be the same as crushing your opponent in person, but it is the only variation of competitive play where you can get away with playing in your pyjamas. Small victories, right? 

Store & Online Regional Prizes

Those participating in both Store Regionals and Online Regionals will get a play mat, five ‘Championship Pack 2021 Vol.1’ and three ‘Event Pack 07’. Those who make the Top Cut will get  ‘A Winner’s Custom Art Play Mat’, four more ‘Championship Pack 2021 Vol.1’, two more ‘Event Pack 07’, the ‘Alt Art Card Set 2021 Vol.1’ and their invite to the Finals. Those skilled enough to make the top 25% will also get two more ‘Championship Pack 2021 Vol.1’. The top 4 players in the event will also receive three ‘Alt Art Card Set 2021 Vol.1’ and a box of the most recent booster. Finally, the champion of the event will receive a special ‘Championship Pack 2021 Foil and Hot Stamp Version.’

The prizes for the Finals are yet to be announced, but going on what’s up for grabs in the Regionals, I’m sure they won’t disappoint. 

How Will Bandai Stop Online Cheating? 

An obvious Majin Buu in the room is the issue of controlling cheating within online games. Although we would all love to think that the world is fair and just, the truth of the matter is that some players may take dishonest measures to come out on top. These methods could include card stacking or placing situational cards just out of view of the camera. If a low-quality camera or a poor internet connection is used, a player could even resort to using fake cards to help power their deck. Short of inviting a Bandai representative to every player’s house to keep an eye on the proceedings, the only fail-safe way to prevent cheating is to watch out for any strange movements, don’t hesitate to call out or question anything that looks odd. Recording the match via screen capture will give you the chance to study the footage afterwards and report any proof you find. 

On February 19th, Bandai announced that they were in the testing stages of their TCG streaming platform ‘BandaiTCGConnect’. This has arrived just in time for the Championship season and is likely their way of patrolling online matches. Bandai has stated that all a player will need is a smartphone or a webcam to take part, although it is likely there will be camera positioning rules designed to prevent cheating. 

Get Prepared – DBS CG Championships 2021

With events kicking off as early as March, there are a few things you can do to ensure you are ready to compete in the Dragon Ball Super CG Championship. The most important thing is that you obtain a BCC ID by registering online here. If you already have one from previous competitions, you won’t need to get a new one.

Next, make sure the deck you are playing abides by the Banned, Limited and Errata rules. For those who want to know precisely what to expect, you can sink your teeth into the official tournament rules manual here

Finally, having a decent camera, headset and internet connection could be the difference between looking like Goku or Mr. Satan. Test connection speeds beforehand, and if you can, connect to the internet with an ethernet cable. 

So, dust off your play mats, insert your cards into your most attractive deck protectors and get ready to show the world what you’re made of. Although last year saw much disappointment in the way of events, the return of the Championship marks a positive turning point for the DBSCG and is a testament to the perseverance of the community. 

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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