The Funniest Card Art of the Digimon Card Game – Part 1

One thing I really love about the Digimon Card Game is that despite having some seriously powerful and ferocious Digimon, Bandai and the freelance artists who create the cards also have a fantastic sense of humour. This can be seen in several cards spanning all of the boosters released in the game. From a sleepy Gotsumon to a creepy discovery that stops MetalGreymon and Mamemon in their tracks, in this article we look at some of the funniest card arts in the Digimon Card Game. 


Poor Pumpkinmon can’t enjoy a midday snooze because his friend Gotsumon is snoring away. In fact, by the expression on his face, it’s not just keeping him but driving him insane! 

Digimon Card Game

We Have to Stop Fighting!

It would have to be something pretty important to stop MetalGreymon and Mamemon from fighting. Well, those who know the history of Monzaemon will also know that there is actually something hiding inside of the previously empty teddy bear. After getting a glimpse of whatever lurks inside, the two Digimon are understandably freaked out.

Digimon Card Game

I’ll Drag You Into the Depths

Although Monzaemon is usually quite the formidable Digimon, in the artwork for ‘I’ll Drag You Into the Depths’, It looks like the giant teddy bear Digimon is out of his depth when trying to go for a leisurely swim. This design is actually based off a popular card art that appeared in the iconic Hyper Colosseum game that was released in Japan in the late 90s. To learn more about the predecessor to the Digimon Card Game, click here


Glaive Memory Boost! 

It’s all fun and games with these two Ghostmon making fun of the Bakemon who was scared by SkullGreymon’s spirit. Well, the joke will soon be on them as the spirit approaches the distracted pair. 

Digimon Card Game

Calling from the Darkness

Like many of us, Guilmon is easily swayed when it comes to matters of the stomach. In this card, a devious Impmon and Dracmon are luring a gullible Guilmon with a tasty piece of meat.

Digimon Card Game


Digimon can be helpful outside of battle also; take this Sakuttomon who is helping to prepare dinner. Sakumon, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be getting the hang of working in the kitchen.


These are just a few of the funniest card arts in the Digimon Card Game, with many other cards capturing charming and subtle humour. If you would like to see more just like them in future parts, make sure you follow Ludkins Media on  Instagram or Facebook

Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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