The Funniest Card Art of the Digimon Card Game – Part 2

Despite Digimon often being deformed, powerful and sometimes sinister-looking creatures, it doesn’t stop Bandai from having fun with their creations. When we take a look at the Digimon Card Game, for example, the freelance artists often add humour to their artwork to show the fun side of the franchise. From a prank pulling Ghostmon to a Monzaemon who’s not scared of showing off his dance moves, in this article, we look at some of the funniest card arts in the Digimon Card Game. If you haven’t already seen the first part of this article, you can click here


Who doesn’t like to get down and boogie from time to time? Monzaemon usually looks creepy, especially knowing that a mystery Digimon lurks within the teddy bear, controlling its every move. Well, in this card illustrated by Banira, the Digimon has taken centre stage at Etemon’s disco. 


Pagumon might be small, but it’s definitely a mean one! In the Digi-Egg card that came with the Venomous Violet Starter Deck, we can see the naughty duo stealing food from poor Tsunomon and Punimon. In the other card, which will come in the upcoming X-Record set, it is Motimon getting messed with by the pranksters. I would love to see them play those tricks on the Digimon when it Digivolves into HerculesKabuterimon!

Funny Digimon Card Game Art


In this card, Ghostmon has pulled off the classic prank of drawing glasses and whiskers on his sleeping friend. Unfortunately, it looks like it will be Pumpkinmon who will get the brunt of the Bakemon’s anger, as Ghostmon is about to take off. 


In a recent interview we did with Digimon artist Koki, we discovered that this Numemon is his most favourite creation, as it shows the Numemon picking up poop with tongs and not realising that really isn’t the Numemon way. If you would like to read our interview that goes into the illustrative process of the artist, click here.

Funny Digimon Card Game Art


In this card art, the fitness conscious Pulsemon is too busy daydreaming about exercising to complete his studies. Pulsemon was created to help promote the Vital Bracelet product in Japan, which works like a Fitbit, only it trains your Digimon while you work out. 

Funny Digimon Card Game Art

Fight for Your Pride!

When you think of the vampire-like Myotismon, it would be safe to assume the Digimon enjoys drinking blood while coming up with his dastardly plans. Well, that assumption would be wrong, as seen in this card art showing DemiDevimon behind the scenes filling his master’s glass up with Soda. 

This design is actually based off the popular ‘The Battle I Staked My Pride on!’ card that appeared in the first starter deck of the Hyper Colosseum game that was released in the late 90s. To learn more about the predecessor to the Digimon Card Game, click here

Funny Digimon Card Game Art

These are just a few of the funniest card arts in the Digimon Card Game, with many other cards capturing charming and subtle humour. If you would like to see more just like them in future parts, make sure you follow Ludkins Media on  Instagram or Facebook

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