The Funniest Card Art of the Digimon Card Game – Part 3

Digimon may be powerful and sometimes creepy looking digital creatures, but that doesn’t mean that the talented artists behind the Digimon Card Game don’t have fun with some of their creations. From an unexpected thing falling onto poor Puppetmon, to an Ekakimon who is keen to please, in this article, we look at some of the funniest card arts in the Digimon Card Game. If you haven’t already seen the first or second part of this article, click here


Betsumon, who looks like he is cosplaying as Gatomon, is one of the strangest Digimon to enter the franchise. In this card art, which will come with the upcoming New Awakening booster set, we see the Digimon playing the Digimon Card Game. Looking at his smile, that could give the Joker a run for his money, I think Betsumon is about to make a devastating play. 

Funny Cards

Green Memory Boost!

There is just something about this flushed Wormmon, thinking about his higher Digivolution and beating Kunemon in a race, that makes me smile. What I really like about this card is that the artwork is a prequel to the ‘Hidden Potential Discovered’ option card from Special Booster 1.5, where we see Kunemon thinking back about when Stingmon was a small nervous Wormmon.

Funny Cards
Funny Cards

Royal Nuts

Despite the name of this card being ‘Royal Nuts’, I’m pretty sure those are giant shiny eggs being dropped from the sky as Deramon leaps out a tree in shock. While Gatomon catches one excitedly, poor Puppetmon takes one to the face. Although being hit with an egg is pretty bad, it could have been a lot worse! Speaking of Deramon, the card that came with Battle of Omni shows a very nervous Ekakimon revealing his portrait to the royal bird, which looks far more elegant than the ‘Royal Nuts’ option card. 

Funny Cards

Emergency Program Shutdown!

In the ‘Emergency Program Shutdown!’ Option card, we see a poor sleeping Cherrymon who has become the playground for some mischievous Digimon. Although this card came with the Classic Collection, which was released between October and December 2021, the artwork is actually much older, as it was borrowed from the iconic Hyper Colosseum card game from the late 90s. 


ToyAgumon combines two of my favourite things – Lego and Digimon! In this card art, which will arrive in the upcoming X-Record set, we see a trio of ToyAgumon struggling to beat the traps set up around them. I guess the good thing about being made out of Lego is that if they break, it won’t be too hard to put them back together. 

These are just a few of the funniest card arts in the Digimon Card Game, with many other cards capturing charming and subtle humour. If you would like to see more just like them in future parts, make sure you follow Ludkins Media on  Instagram or Facebook. If you would like to read similar articles to this one, click on the links below – 

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