The most powerful Digimon in the franchise that also have cards

When it comes to the Digimon Card Game, there have been a number of incredible cards injected into the game which make most players sweat when they come into play. A lot of the time, the abilities of the cards mirror the power of the Digimon from the franchise. In this article, we take a look at some of the strongest Digimon of all time that also have cards within the TCG. 


We have seen Lucemon before in the Digimon TCG, but that version was his more angelic form before the character’s rebellion. As the name gives away, this Digimon is based on the story of Lucifer – a rebellious angel who was later associated with evil when in his Lucemon: Chaos Mode form. In the Frontier series, Lucemon achieves his Chaos Mode by absorbing the data of his Royal Knights, overwhelming EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon in their fight. Lucemon wields both the power of light and darkness, which gives him the ability to force a path to the Real World, threatening all of existence. The previous form of Lucemon came with the Great Legend booster, while players will get Lucemon: Chaos Mode with the Next Adventure set releasing on March 4th. To learn more about this upcoming set, click here

Most Powerful Digimon


Alphamon is one of the strongest of the Royal Knight Digimon and is a carrier of the X-Antibody. What makes Alphamon a force to be reckoned with, is its Alpha Force ability, which allows it to fire off a multitude of powerful strikes in an instant, meaning that nobody will know for sure how many times Alphamon attacked its opponents. 

Most Powerful Digimon

Players got the first Alphamon card as an SEC from the Double Diamond booster set that was released last year. For continuity, this card works with other Royal Knight and X-Antibody Digimon. Alphamon will also appear on the box and pack artwork for the upcoming X-Record set, which will focus on the theme of X-Antibody Digimon. To learn more about the cards included in this set, which will release within the English version of the game later this year, you can check out our article here

Omnimon X

To say Omnimon has had several cards within the Digimon Card Game would be an understatement. Although we have seen many forms of this Digimon, including the Omnimon Alter-S, Omnimon Zwart and Omnimon Zwart Defeat, arguably its strongest form is Omnimon X, which got its first card in the Battle of Omni booster set. Omnimon X carries X-Antibody, just like Alphamon. In theory, Omnimon cannot be defeated because of its Omega inForce ability that allows Omnimon to look ahead into a battle, so that he knows exactly how to avoid and react to attacks. 

Most Powerful Digimon


In the Frontier series, Susanoonmon is formed after Koichi sacrificed himself to save the other Tamers from Lucemon Chaos Mode, after giving his Digispirit of Darkness to his brother Koji. Along with Takuya, all twenty Digispirits combined to create the legendary and incredibly powerful Susanoonmon. Susanoonmon will come as one of the SEC of the Next Adventure set, which will release on March 4th. 

There are other powerful Digimon in the franchise which are yet to get a card of their own, such as Zeed Millenniummon, Jesmon GX and Gaiamon from the Appmon spin-off. It will be interesting to see what cards are on the horizon for the game and the incredibly powerful Digimon who are yet to debut within the TCG. Which Digimon do you think is the strongest? Let us know your thoughts on the original social media post for this article. 

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