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The most valuable booster cards of each Digimon TCG set

When it comes to valuable cards in the Digimon TCG, tournament prizes like the Premier TO WarGreymon and the Evolution Cup Omnimon may come to mind. Although these cards are impressive, already reaching three-figure values, they have inadvertently shadowed some of the rarest cards that can be pulled from booster packs. 

Special Release Booster 1.0 & 1.5 

Special Booster 1.0 and 1.5 were the first official English Digimon TCG sets, which were released in January and March 2021. The most valuable cards in the Special Release Booster is the Beelzemon alt art, worth $27, Omnimon Alter-S alt art, worth $35, and the Lilithmon alt art that currently has a value of around $60. 

Digimon valuable booster cards
Digimon valuable booster cards

The most valuable card of the Special Release Booster, which came within the first part of the set, is the Omnimon alternate art. This was the first big chase card of the Digimon TCG and held the title of the most valuable card in the game until the tournament cards came along. In May, this card was selling for $258 but has since dropped in value. Currently, this Omnimon alternate art is selling for between $80 and $135 on eBay but selling for an average of $90 on TCG Player.

Digimon valuable booster cards

Great Legend 

The most valuable cards from the Great Legend booster set are the connecting art SECs, all illustrated by renowned artist Naochika Morishita, who has worked on several Digimon artworks throughout his career. AncientGreymon is currently selling for between $30 and $35 while the AncientGarurumon alt art has a value of around $50. The rarest card of the set is the alternate art Lucemon going for between $50 and $60. The standard versions of Lucemon and AncientGarurumon are also keeping a good value, selling for around $40 and $35 respectively. 

Digimon valuable booster cards

Battle of Omni

Bandai wasn’t kidding when they named the set ‘Battle of Omni’, injecting 12 different Omnimon cards into Digimon TCG, including the alternate arts. As you may expect, the most valuable of these cards are the Omnimon SECs. The alternate art Omnimon Zwart is worth around $17, while the alt art Omnimon Zwart Defeat, which is currently the most valuable of the Battle of Omni set, is worth between $60 and $65. The standard version of Omnimon Zwart Defeat isn’t far behind, recently selling for between $52 and $60 on both TCG Player and eBay. 

Digimon valuable booster cards

The alternate art Omnimon X Anti-body is currently worth $30, a value that is no doubt bolstered by the classic artwork borrowed from the Digimon TCG’s processor, Hyper Colosseum

Double Diamond 

The latest Digimon TCG set, Double Diamond, was released on October 15th in Europe but is yet to hit North America. The alternate art BeelStarmon is currently worth between $86 and $100, with the standard version selling for $70 through TCG Player and between $40 and $70 on eBay.  The alt art for Jesmon has a value of $55, while Gabumon – Bond of Friendship, Alphamon, Titamon and Agumon – Bond of Bravery are selling for between $45 and $50. 

To celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Digimon TCG, Bandai included Omnimon ‘Ghost’, the rarest card in the entire game. This card is so rare, in fact, that it is believed to have a one in three case chance. Due to its scarcity, raw copies of this card have been selling for $1275, $1374 and $1925 during October, with the latest copies selling for $1200 and $2,288 between November 10th and November 14th. 

Those in North America won’t have to wait too much longer for the Double Diamond set, as it is expected to arrive on November 26th.

The next set coming to the English version of the Digimon TCG will be Next Adventure, releasing on January 22nd. Among the most valuable cards of this set will be the SECs, which you can learn more about here

If you would like to learn more about the Next Adventure set, click on one of the links below – 

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