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The most valuable cards of the Cross Spirits set

It seems like yesterday that the Cross Spirits booster set was officially released, injecting several fantastic cards into the game. This includes the SPRs, showcasing unique full-body portraits, and the three SCRs, that quickly climbed up to the higher end of the DBS CG market before steadily dropping to their true values. We have followed the market progress of this set since its release on August 13th, but now the pre-release period for Saiyan Showdown is just days away for most regions, we take one final look at the higher rarity cards of the Cross Spirits booster. 

SS4 Bardock, Spirit Resonance (SPR)

The SPR version of ‘SS4 Bardock, Spirit Resonance’ hit its peak value of $18 during September, although on average, it has sold for between $5 and $11 since August. The last copies to sell on eBay went for $9 on November 1st and $12 on November 7th. On TCG Player, sales have ranged between $6 and $9. 

SS4 Gogeta, Thwarting the Dark Empire (SPR)

Throughout October, ‘SS4 Gogeta, Thwarting the Dark Empire’ was selling for around $25. Although it has seen a slight decrease in the last couple of weeks, it is still selling for around $16 on TCG Player and between $15 and $25 on eBay. 

Son Goku, Divine Presence & Oceanus Shenron, Negative Energy Explosion (SRs)

‘Son Goku, Divine Presence’ has been selling for around $18 on both eBay and TCG Player in the last month, while ‘Oceanus Shenron, Negative Energy Explosion’ has a current market value of $17

Super 17, Sibling Absorbed (SCR)

‘Super 17, Sibling Absorbed’ was the first SCR to be revealed before the release of the Cross Spirits booster set. In August, this card was selling for $130 but has since seen a gradual decline in value. This card had dropped to around $70 in October and is currently selling for between $55 and $70. 

There are currently 10 BGS 10s in the BGS population, with one of them selling for $514 on September 20th. A PSA 9 sold the day before that, selling for $73 after 30 bids, which is around the same price the raw copies were selling for at the time. 

Cross Spirits valuable SCR
Cross Spirits valuable SCR

Majin Buu, Kibito Kai Absorbed (SCR)

Throughout October, we saw sales between $56 and $75, which were half the value seen in the first few weeks of the set’s release. Now, it is sitting at a value of between $50 and $60 on eBay, although there have been a number of sales made through TCG Player for between $85 and $100. There isn’t much sales data when it comes to the graded version of this card, although a BGS 10 copy did sell through an accepted offer below the $800 asking price. 

SS Son Goku & Frieza, Miraculous Conclusion

Although the Tournament of Power arc saw some epic moments, like Goku unlocking Ultra Instinct, it was when two foes fought back to back for the greater good that has arguably become the most iconic moment of the entire series. This is no doubt part of the reason why this SCR is the most valuable of the set, as well as the most valuable card pulled from recent booster packs. 

Throughout October and November, raw copies of this card have been selling for between $280 and $300. A BGS 9 copy of this card sold for $505 on November 10th, with a PSA 10 copy going for $560 on November 7th. In October, however, graded versions of this card were worth even more, with a PSA 10 selling for $780 on October 27th and another for $900 on October 25th. 

Cross Spirits valuable SCR

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If you would like to follow the progress of this card, make sure you follow Ludkins Media on Instagram and Facebook, as we will be reviewing the progress of this card one week after its official release. 

Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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