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The most valuable Omnimon Cards in the Digimon TCG

Since the beginning of the Digimon TCG, Omnimon has become something of a mascot for the game. This is clear by the sheer amount of Omnimon cards that have been released, including two that are now worth three figures raw. In this article, we take a look at the most valuable Omnimon cards and share their current market guide prices. 

5. Omnimon Zwart Defeat  (BT5-112)

Omnimon Zwart Defeat came with the Battle of Omni booster set along with 11 other variations on Omnimon, including alternate arts. Copies of this card have been selling for between $50 and $60 throughout November on both TCG Player and eBay, while a PSA 10 copy sold for $202 on October 27th.  

4. Omnimon Zwart Defeat (BT5-112) Alternate Art

The alternate art version of Omnimon Zwart Defeat comes in fourth when it comes to the most valuable Omnimon cards. During November, the alternate art Omnimon Zwart Defeat has been selling for around $63 over on TCG Player, while on eBay, sales have ranged between $63 and $70. On October 31st, a PSA 9 copy of this card sold for $100

3. Omnimon (BT1-084) Alternate Art

The first big chase card of the Digimon TCG, the SEC Omnimon alternate art that came with Special Booster 1.0 is the third most expensive Omnimon variation on the market. In May, this card was selling for $258. At that time, it was the most expensive card in the entire game, but following the release of later boosters and the tournament cards, this card has slowly dropped in value. Currently, this Omnimon alternate art is selling for between $80 and $135 on eBay but selling for an average of $90 on TCG Player. A PSA 9 copy of this card went for $152 on September 19th, while a BGS 9 sold for $100 on October 28th.  

most valuable Omnimon Cards
most valuable Omnimon Cards

2. Omnimon (BT1-084) Ghost Parallel 

The ‘Ghost’ Omnimon that came with the Double Diamond booster is not only the most valuable Omnimon card that can be pulled from a booster pack, but is also the most valuable Digimon TCG booster card overall. In October, there were sales of $1275, $1374 and $1925, with the latest sale made in November going for $2303. The reason for the eyewatering price tag is down to its pull rate, which is believed to be a one in three case chance. Considering that there are 12 booster boxes in one case, it is clear why this card has become a holy grail card for collectors. 

There are only six ‘Ghost’ Omnimon cards in the PSA population, two of which have achieved PSA 10 grades, with the others being 9s. None of these cards have been put up for sale publicly yet, so graded copy values are yet to be determined. 

1 . Omnimon (BT1-084) Evolution Cup Prize

This full art Omnimon is the most unique version in the TCG, exclusive only to the English version of the game currently. It shows the full body of a battle-focused Omnimon, with an event stamp on the corner of the artwork. This Omnimon was given to the top two players of the Evolution Cup tournament that started back in July, which has been running bi-monthly ever since, with the next one taking place between November 13th to November 28th.

As the distribution is so limited, there are very few of these cards in existence. Although there have been no public sales as of yet, those who are currently selling are asking for between $3000 to $5000. It is unknown whether the Evolution Cup top prize card

most valuable Omnimon Cards

Omnimon has appeared a lot during the first year of the Digimon TCG and will no doubt reappear in new variations in the future. The big question is, who will take Ominmon’s place as the big focus Digimon going into the future? 

If you would like to learn more about the elusive ‘Ghost’ Omnimon card, check out our article here

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