The original gold metal Pikachu

Yesterday we showed images of the Metal Pikachu & Charizard from Pokemon TCG: Celebrations on our Instagram. The cards are made from solid metal in a painted gold finish that will make the Ultra Premium Collection a highly sought-after product. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the 20th-anniversary metal Pikachu made of solid 24-karat gold that was recently sold at auction for $29,000.

In 2016, Nintendo teamed up with Ginza Tanakaha, a Japanese jeweller to create a very special Pikachu card made of real gold. The card was sold for 220,000 yen which is around £1500 via a lottery system. This is the definitive metal Pokemon card and unlike the upcoming Pokemon TCG: Celebrations metal cards were made as a centre-piece for collections. 

gold pikachu

Last month, Goldin Auctions sold a PSA 5 of Tanakaha’s Pikachu for just under $30,000. There are currently two PSA graded cards in the PSA population report, one 5 and one 6. Obviously, due to the nature of the card and the beautiful frame it comes in, collectors would likely prefer the original packaging over a graded slab.

By comparing the 24-karat gold Pikachu with the metal Pikachu from Celebrations it’s clear to see that one is an exclusive product and the other has been produced on a much larger scale. That being said, for those of us that don’t own a 24-karat gold Pikachu, the Celebrations version is the next best thing. 

In the comments across social media of our reveal of these new metal cards, lots of readers asked if the card would be accepted if submitted to a grading service. This is dependent on the grading service in question but you’re likely to find a company willing to slab the new cards. 

What do you think about metal cards in general? Earlier this year Yu-Gi-Oh! Released a Platinum Blue-Eyes White Dragon card made out of solid silver costing $1000 each and limited to one thousand copies. Whilst being a beautiful collector’s piece there have been reports of very close fakes appearing on the market including falsified documents of authenticity. This is something to look out for when buying any card, even more so when dealing with solid metal variants. 

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