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In a previous article, DjGigabyte wrote about the need for a goal when collecting any TCG. This got me thinking about other ways of collecting Pokemon TCG to give me an obtainable goal in the current climate where packs are hard to come by and prices are consistently on the rise. I spend my days scouring through social media looking for TCG-related news so when a sales post popped up on Facebook with someone looking for the original 151 Pokemon in card form it sparked an idea: Why don’t I create a Pokedex binder with my favourite artwork for each Pokemon entry?

Now, this idea is nothing new. People have created Pokedex binders for decades and rightly so – a Pokedex binder allows for a unique spin on your own personal Pokedex that captures what started our journeys as Pokemon trainers 20 years ago: the opportunity to build our own story, our own teams, and our own decks. 

The premise is simple: fill out a brand new binder with a generation of Pokemon that means something to you. From there, any pack or card you see on your travels through the internet that instills a sense of love or nostalgia is purchased and replaces the previous card for that Pokemon.

The idea is to create a never-ending continuous goal that is cheap to start and more challenging to master. This also gives you a great excuse to sort out the thousands of cards of bulk lying in your drawer by giving every individual card its own personal value.

I also found that the opportunity to sit down after work and purposefully fill a binder by going through the Pokedex allowed for a really chill evening. Put on your favourite tunes and focus down on the task at hand as you set off on a journey to “catch ’em all”.

I’ve just finished my own personal generation 1 binder with all 151 Pokemon, this is an ever-evolving goal where I’ve created a spreadsheet to input artworks that will grab a spot in my binder soon. The goal is to now move onto Johto as well as create a page for my favourite characters from the anime. 

In the current climate where cards are hard to come by and packs fly off shelves there’s a continuous gripe that this hobby is becoming more and more difficult at an entry level. This kind of project shows that there are so many opportunities to create your own space within an expansive hobby and enjoy it at the same time. The focus on values and investments sometimes overshadows our true love for Pokemon TCG and having the opportunity to appreciate the card art and the nostalgic pieces from our pasts removes a sense of profit and instead brings a real sense of enjoyment and accessibility to the hobby we all love.

Whether you try a Pokedex binder or come up with your own ideas, please reach out and share. The community would benefit from a discussion about alternate collections and fun ways to continue growing your collection whilst you save up for that next big purchase. 

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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