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The Pokemon GO TCG crossover products revealed!

Last month, the Pokemon Company uploaded a teaser trailer announcing that a Pokemon GO product line was entering the TCG. Although the teaser gave nothing away, we now have our first glimpse of the products as well as a release date.

The Pokemon GO expansion will hit shelves on July 1st, with more scheduled to follow afterwards. The box art of the products show character graphics from the popular mobile exploration app and are based on the different teams a player chooses to join.  The pack art will feature in-game graphics for Pokemon such as Mewtwo, Gyarados and everybody’s favourite mascot, Pikachu.

Pokemon GO TCG

These special collections will include six booster packs as well as a promo trainer card based on the leaders of the three teams. Those that choose the Team Mystic collection will get Blanche, those who go with Team Valor will get Candela, and those going with team instinct will get Spark. 

Pokemon GO TCG

While these collections will not be a full set, we did get the exciting official announcement of Astral Radiance this week, as well as the first card and product reveals of this set. To check them out, follow the links below – 

Prerelease promos for Astral Radiance revealed!

Pokemon TCG – Astral Radiance set officially revealed! 

Time Gazer and Space Juggler – Eevee, Leafeon, and Glaceon cards revealed

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