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The rarest cards in the DBS CG

Rarest Cards DBS CG

The Dragon Ball Super CG launched in 2017 and has seen many Boosters, Drafts, Promotions and Prizes released since. Although the game has some extremely rare cards on the market, there are a number of cards that have achieved legendary status and become the holy grail for collectors.  This list showcases some of the rarest cards in the DBS CG.

We would like to thank  null_collector and ayytcg for sharing their knowledge of the most sought after cards in the DBS CG, as well as their images.

2018 National Championship Prize Cards

Although the 2018 National Championship was held in several countries around the world, there were some prizes that were exclusive to the U.S. The event ran for 2 days, with the top three players being awarded Gold Metal cards. Because these prizes were only available in the U.S and nowhere else, these DBS CG cards remain some of the rarest in the world. 

The 3rd place Finalist was awarded ‘Pan Ready to Fight’, the 2nd place player got ‘SSGSS Son Goku, The Soul Striker’ and the overall Champion got the incredibly rare ‘Miraculous Revival Shenron’. 

SS4 Son Goku, Senses Regained 

The ‘SS4 Son Goku, Senses Regained’ was the prize card for an event only held in Brussels, Belgium. The event took place on December 14th 2019, just after the 2019 National Championships finished. Interestingly, this was the first and only time a winner was awarded three Gold Metal cards in three different languages – English, French and Italian. 

Fused Zamasu, Supreme striker

Players who finished in 16th to 4th place in each region of the 2019 Championships were awarded the Silver Metal ‘Fused Zamasu, Supreme striker’. Because five of the participating regions were English language events, there are currently 65 English versions of this card in existence. 

Fused Zamasu, Supreme Striker

Vegito, Broly and Vegeta 

Seven regions across the globe took part in the 2019 Championship Finals – the U.S, Latin America, E.U, Oceania, Asia, Italy and France. The top three winners from each of these regions were all awarded a Gold Metal card, and for the first time, regular paper prize cards too. 

The 1st place player got to choose their Metal card first and was awarded a ‘1st place’ stamped paper Vegito card. The 2nd place player got a ‘2nd place’ stamped paper Broly and the choice of one of the two remaining Gold Metal cards. The 3rd place got a paper ‘3rd place’ stamped Vegeta card and got the last Metal card. 

2019 Championship Final Cards
Source (@Yinponla0)
Rarest cards DBS CG

Son Goku, Awakened Power 

The ‘Son Goku, The Awakened Power’ Secret Rare was the very best card you could pull from the ‘Tournament of Power’ booster packs when it was released in 2018. Now that the set is long out of print, the value of this card has soared.  Some have described it as the ‘1st Edition Base Charizard’ of the DBS CG, although that bold claim is up for debate. 

DBS CG Rarest Card
Source (@tcg.bob_)

Vegeta, Furious Awakening

‘Vegeta, Furious Awakening’ was the prize card for the ‘Dragon Brawl’ Draft Tournament, which was a side event for players who were knocked out of the 2019 championships. Only two copies of each card were available in the participating regions (U.S, Latin America, Oceania and EU), as each one only ran two tournaments. This means that there is only a total of eight in existence. The prize was quite fitting, as the event was for Draft Box 4: Dragon Brawl, which used ‘Vegeta, Furious Awakening’ as its leader.  

Vegeta, Furious Awakening
Source (@Pokemoncollectibles)

Dragon Ball Super CG Signature Cards 

The Signature cards are a series of characters from the DBS anime with the signature of their English voice actor printed onto them. The set consists of ‘SS2 Trunks, Memories of the Past’, ‘Dependable Brother Son Gohan’, ‘Frieza, Emperor of Universe 7’,‘Beerus, Universe 7 Divine Vanquisher’, ‘Universe 7 Saiyan Prince Vegeta’ and ‘Meteoric Energy SSB Vegito’. 

The most sought after for collectors, however, is ‘Son Goku, Hope of Universe 7’, which has the signature of everyone’s favourite goofball, Sean Schemmel, printed onto it.  

Ultimate Lifeform Cell & Long Odds SS4 Son Goku

The Silver Metal ‘Ultimate Lifeform Cell’ and ‘Long Odds SS4 Son Goku’ were initially given out exclusively to the 2018 U.S Championship winners. Cell was awarded to those who came in 32nd to 17th place, while Goku was given to the top 16th to 4th place players. Later on, these cards were given to six other regions following complaints to Bandai that the exclusivity wasn’t fair. In these regions, 3rd and 2nd place got a Silver Metal ‘Ultimate Lifeform Cell’ Leader, while the overall champion got ‘Long Odds SS4 Son Goku’. It is believed that there are around 30 Silver Cells and 20 SS4 Gokus in existence. 

Ultimate Lifeform Cell
Source ( @ayytcg)
Long Odds SS4 Son Goku
Source ( @Yinponla0)

The Judge Cards

Each official Bandai Tournament must have an approved Judge attend. To become a DBS CG Judge, the person must sit an exam to prove their knowledge and earn the role. Those who pass typically become a level 1 Judge, although there are some that will earn a level 2 status, allowing them to rule at major events. A massive perk of being a Judge is that they are given special cards stamped with the word ‘Judge’ on them, making them very rare. Only those who have achieved a level 2 rating are able to obtain the level 2 packs and get their hands on the promos inside. 

‘Determined Super Saiyan Son Gohan’, ‘Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku’, ‘Occupation of Evil Frieza’ and ‘Joyful Strike Goku Black Rosé’ are amongst the most sought after of these Judge promo cards. 

Ultimate Force SSB Vegito

The first-ever Secret Rare to be introduced to the DBS CG was ‘Ultimate Force SSB Vegito’ in the 2017 set ‘Union Force’. A number of SCRs have joined it since then, but because it was the first, along with the age of the set, ‘Ultimate Force SSB Vegito’ is one of the most sought after cards found in a booster set. 

Ultimate Force SSB Vegito
Source (@Dragonball_selector)

The DBS CG is only going from strength to strength, which means that there are many more incredible and rare cards just waiting to be introduced to collectors and players alike. With the top prize of the 2021 Championship Finals still a mystery, will we see another incredible Gold Metal card take place among the rarity elite of the TCG? To find out more about the other prizes of the upcoming Championships, check out our guide here

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