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The SCRs of the Saiyan Showdown set

The pre-release period for the Saiyan Showdown set begins today (November 12th), giving players and collectors their first taste of the latest booster. Most of the cards from the set are themed around iconic moments in the Dragon Ball universe where Saiyan characters have clashed on the battlefield. When it comes to the SCRs of the set, however, we see groups of Saiyan warriors teaming up together to create some seriously epic artwork. 

The Saiyan Showdown set has four SCRs, which is a first for the DBS CG. Although the SCRs of any given set can be quite uniform when it comes to artwork, it is clear that these new cards all belong to the same set except for ‘Pan, Time Patrol Maiden’, who stands alone.  

SS4: The Vermillion Saiyans

The first Saiyan Showdown SCR shows the Vermillion Saiyans as seen in the Dragon Ball Heroes series. The split artwork gives this card an almost comic book look, especially with each character having their own background colour. 

This black Counter:Attack Extra card will work amazingly in rainbow decks, potentially clearing away all of your opponent’s Battle Cards for just one energy. It’s Activate:Main has a fantastic play ability that could potentially get four level 2 Battle Cards on the field.

Saiyan Showdown SCRs
Saiyan Showdown SCRs

The Wicked Saiyans

The second SCR of the Saiyan Showdown set shows the evilest members of the warrior race, with Goku Black heading the charge. This card can gain Double Attack and Blocker pretty easily, while its auto, which only costs 2 energy after being used in a combo, gives your opponent an ultimatum – either switch 4 of their cards to rest or let you play this card from the drop area and discard two cards. Of course, if they don’t have 4 active Battle Cards, they don’t have a choice. 

The Radiant Saiyans

Bandai may describe them as ‘radiant’ in this card, but a more accurate name would be the ‘Fierce Saiyans’, as they face their opponent head on. This card’s second permanent skill has similar conditions to ‘The Wicked Saiyans’, only it gets Double Strike and Critical instead. 

After this card is used in a combo, and you spend 2 energy, you can play this card from the drop area. If you don’t choose to play it, you can choose up to 4 of your opponent’s Battle Cards and send them to the bottom of their deck, clearing your opponent’s side of the field.  

Saiyan Showdown SCRs

Pan, Time Patrol Maiden 

‘Pan, Time Patrol Maiden’ is the first time this version of Pan has been in the DBS CG. She is also the only SCR from the Saiyan Showdown set that gets the entire spotlight within the card. The play cost of this card is reduced by 2 for every Battle Card on the field, which potentially means a free Counter:Attack that stops all other attacks for the turn and plays this 40000 Power card. If you spend 1 energy, you can remove this card from the game to take control of one of your opponent’s Battle Cards! 

The Dragon Ball Super CG: Saiyan Showdown set will include 292 different card types, 60 of which being commons (C), 38 Uncommon (UC), 30 Rares (R), 23 Super Rares (SR), 9 Special Rares (SPR) and for the first time, four Secret Rares (SCR). Like a lot of products released in the last two years, the release of the Saiyan Showdown set was delayed, which has resulted in sporadic releases worldwide, with the majority of regions receiving it next week (November 19th). 

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