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The Tournament top prize cards of the Digimon Card Game

The Digimon Card Game has had its fair share of competitive events throughout 2021, despite only being a year and a half old. These events have offered up some incredible prize cards which have now become the most valuable cards in the entire TCG, thanks to their incredible rarity and exclusivity of their distribution. 

Premier TO WarGreymon

The first large-scale Digimon TCG tournament, the Premier TO event, was held in March 2021 but had very different prizes compared to later events. The top card up for grabs during the entire Premier TO event is the WarGreymon card that was awarded to the top 8 players. The last raw copy sold on April 22nd for $2300 after a best offer was accepted on eBay. This price is similar to those selling on Cardmarket UK.

Evolution Cup Omnimon 

This full-art Omnimon is the most unique version in the TCG, exclusive only to the English version of the game currently. It shows the full body of a battle-focused Omnimon, with an event stamp on the corner of the artwork. This Omnimon was given to the top two players of the Evolution Cup tournament that started back in July 2021. In April, a PSA 10 copy of this card sold for $7702 after a best offer was accepted. 

Grand Prix UlforceVeedramon 

The top player of the DC-1 Grand Prix event was awarded a UlforceVeedramon. Because this card was only given to one winner per event, this card is incredibly rare, with a value that reflects this. The last raw copy of this card to sell went for $1650 in May, with another currently listed for a similar price

Digimon prize cards

Championship Finals ‘Framed’ Cards 

This year, Bandai offered up the framed prize cards that have a metallic appearance. These cards are no doubt incredibly sought after by collectors and due to the stature of the Championship, have already become some of the rarest cards in the entire Digimon Card Game. Recently, the winner of one of the WarGreymon metal cards put one up for sale on social media. Although it is unknown whether this card sold, the seller did mention they wanted offers over $20,000. Do you think this card is really worth that hefty price tag? 

Digimon prize cards

Championship Imperialdramon Paladin Mode

This Imperialdramon Paladin Mode alt art Promo Card will be the latest top champion prize card to enter the Digimon Card Game, which will take its throne beside the other top prize such as the Evolution Cup Omnimon, the Premier TO WarGreymon and the UlforceVeedramon from the DC-1 Grand Prix. To keep things uniform, Naochika Morishita was also tasked with the illustration of the top prize card. 

Digimon prize cards

The reason why tournament cards are worth so much is down to their exclusivity. The only people who can obtain these cards brand new must earn them through ranking highly in play. This means far less are printed, compared to booster set cards. These cards will only ever increase in value, as new prize cards are introduced. 

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