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The Whatnot Slabathon – Every WOTC Pokemon card to be auctioned in May!

Whatnot Slabathon

Whatnot is auctioning off every complete Wizards of the Coast (WOTC) Pokemon set throughout May, spanning from 1st Edition Base to 2003’s Skyridge. The live streaming auction app will present live auctions every day in May as they look to auction off 2454 graded cards over 30 auctions across 30 nights which they are calling: The Whatnot Slabathon.

Whatnot Slabathon

When talking about how they sourced the cards for the Whatnot Slabathon, John Stibich from Whatnot, said, “Roughly 4 months ago we got tipped off to one of the most complete collections in existence. The collection included 22 complete WOTC sets. We were asked to consign this collection, and after months of preparation, with 2454 individual cards graded by PSA, we’re proud to announce a once in a lifetime 30-night live-auction event of every single WOTC set card; From 1st Edition Base Set to Skyridge, every Charizard, Reverse Holo, and even the energies all PSA graded, all auctioned off LIVE on the Whatnot app.”

Last month, Whatnot in collaboration with Pokemon Radar auctioned 60 packs from 1996’s Japanese Base Set, raising $50,000 for different charities special to the Pokemon community. Information on that event and the charities in question can be found here

 In the lead-up to Pokemon’s 25th anniversary Pokemon day, we hosted a tournament where the public decided on their favourite WOTC set of all time. That article can be found here

What Pokemon TCG WOTC card is your favourite of all time?

Tune in to The Whatnot Slabathon via their app on May 1st from 4 PM PST as the month-long event kicks off with a Base Set Box Break.

For more information click here.

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