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TikTok video goes viral after accidentally washing Charizard…

Charizard damage wash

The thought of throwing a rare Pokemon card in the wash is everyone’s worst nightmare and something we’ve all probably experienced after coming home with muddy trousers back in the early 2000s. Well, it looks like this can still happen as adults too… This week, a TikTok video by user @im.ivy.r went viral after filming her Delta Species Charizard with heavy water damage due to accidentally placing the card in the wash. 

The video now has over 1.5 million views on TikTok and is a reminder of the pain many of us felt as children when our parents washed our jeans without checking the pockets.

The Charizard in question from EX Crystal Guardians is a very expensive card from the EX era which was released as part of the Delta Species game mechanic in a Lightning/Metal typing. The set originally released in 2006 and copies of the card in a PSA 10 have fetched over $5000 as recently as October. There are currently 73 PSA 10 copies in existence with raw versions of the card in a near-mint condition selling for anywhere above $100 depending on exact condition.

There are multiple videos on her account showcasing the damage of the card and how different methods to try and rectify the situation have failed. Whether or not this is a publicity stunt to garner attention for TikTok is something we’ll never know but the TikTok Pokemon community are invested. As of writing this article, Ivy R’s Charizard videos have garnered over 5 million views across the board remind us that even as adults we should always check our pockets…

What’s the worst Pokemon card story you have? Have you ever damaged a card beyond repair? 

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